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Oct 21, 2013

New Blue Diamond Executives—Sandy and Jim Minneo

Congratulations to Sandy and Jim Minneo from Manchester, Connecticut, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Our winding road to Blue Diamond was a five-year journey. Many times during our trip we found ourselves on detours as well as dead-end roads. The destination was clear; however, the road presented so many construction sites along the way. Most of the construction sites were due to ‘men at work’ zones. These were times when I had to get better at the skills needed to hold a team together or get better at following up with prospects. Other detours occurred because of the adjustment times needed when we were changing from one training system to another.

“We learned that when things change (and they always will), people tend to take a step back to adjust to the change. Another challenge was keeping people focused on the dream rather than the obstacles. Unfortunately, we lost some good friends along the trip because their obstacles were larger than their dreams. Sandy and I never lost sight of our goal to build the MonaVie business. Our goal was to be financially free to control our own lives. We had always struggled financially and made a decision to end that nightmare for good.

“Our drive to continue to build the MonaVie business is to reach the level of Black Diamond! We know that as we reach that level we will get to help so many great teammates on their road to achieving their dreams. Watching the light in the eyes of the people we share the opportunity with each night is the emotional reward we receive for continuing to grow. The time we get to spend with our grandson, Nixon, is priceless! Between the financial freedom, better health, and daily choices, we have found A More Meaningful Life with MonaVie!”

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