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Aug 6, 2012

New Blue Diamond Executive—Angela Bruer-Balouch

Congratulations to Angela Bruer-Balouch from Fargo, North Dakota, on achieving the rank of Blue Diamond Executive. Here’s what she had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Reaching Blue Diamond was a vision come true! Actually going straight from Emerald (skipping Diamond) to Blue Diamond was a pleasant additional $10,000 detour from the original vision of $5,000 and a Maui trip at Diamond! 

“When my dear friends and brilliant upline leaders, Scott and Renita Brannan, returned home from Diamond Destination in 2011, Renita gave me this white visor with ‘Hawaii Diamond Destination’ embroidered on it in yellow lettering. I never wore this visor, but I hung it on a hook where I could see it every day. It was a constant reminder for me that I needed to reach my goal of hitting Diamond by July 6, 2012. My husband and I had tried planning trips to Maui over the course of the last several years, but we never seemed to get there. Earning an all-expense-paid vacation with friends sounded like a much better option for us!

“The real journey to Diamond was a lot more rewarding knowing that four of my team members (Nicole Krapp, Brandi Rostad, Brandi LeBahn, and Rachel Alderson) were also going to be going on all-expense-paid trips, including Tom and Rachel Alderson earning a second Cruise for Gold and a trip to Israel for advancing to Ruby! This is a business about helping others reach their goals and visions. The team worked together to make the Cruise for Gold a reality, and consequently a new Blue was created!

“Success in this business cannot be rushed. It can and does happen quickly; however, the real success comes with sustainability by working smart to enlist the people who have work ethic, heart, passion, energy, and determination to be and do more in life!   

“I joined MonaVie five years ago in September 2007, a day I will NEVER forget. I knew that very day MonaVie was 100 percent for me and what everyone on the planet needs in their body. I’m so blessed to live a healthier MonaVie lifestyle along with my fantastic husband and children! I feel very privileged to be part of the RVLution and to be sharing premium products while being compensated generously with commissions, bonuses, and all-expense-paid trips around the world! My children are learning that reaching goals equals rewards. For their support and patience, I’m so excited to be sharing a dream vacation with them and bringing my mom along too!

“If I can do this, so can you! In 2012, MonaVie has provided me with five all-expense-paid vacations (which I earned): two cruises to the Bahamas and Mexico, the St. Louis Black Tie Event, the Tel Aviv Ruby Fly-In, and Maui. I’ve also received over $17,500 in bonuses, plus commissions! And, this is all part time; yes, part time! I literally had to retire from my full-time technology career at a wonderful Fortune 500 company because I needed time to travel and help grow my team.

“What is your vision? A visor was all I needed as a daily reminder to serve others. By taking action, my vision came true. Visions/dreams cannot come true if you don’t have any! Who’s with me? Link arms with your team, set your vision, plan, and take action from your heart and head. Be an active part of the RVLution the world so desperately needs! May God bless you on your journey!”

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