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Jun 27, 2014

MVPay•Hub for MonaVie Completely Revamped on July 2!

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, mvpay·hub™ will sport a completely refreshed design that will help you more easily manage your MonaVie bonus payments. It’s our biggest upgrade to date!

The updates include a brand new user interface, improved notifications, and a revamped mobile app for your Apple or Android device!

7 New MVPay•Hub Features Launching July 2:

  • A new and intuitive website design to enhance your overall experience
  • Greater self-service payee capabilities to suit your payout preferences
  • New Transfer Center that consolidates management of all your accounts into a centralized, easy to use dashboard
  • A revamped transaction history interface to make finding transactions seamless
  • New and improved Apple and Android mobile apps as well as integration with Apple Passbook and Android Passwallet
  • A mobile-friendly design so you can easily access your account on your smart phone
  • New branded emails, improved SMS notifications, and new dashboard notifications to inform you of your latest account activity

CLICK HERE for more details on each of the upgrades!

What is MVPay·Hub?
It’s like an online e-wallet that allows you to instantly receive bonus earnings from MonaVie and efficiently transfer those earnings into your bank account.


  • A secure and convenient way to receive earnings.
  • Immediate access to bonus earnings, no check clearing required.
  • Ability to request a MonaVie Visa Prepaid Card.
  • Select a bank account to transfer funds to using Automatic Cashout.
  • Pay for MonaVie products, including AutoShip orders, with your MonaVie bonus earnings.
  • Email notifications of bonus payments received.
  • Review payment history and download into Microsoft Excel.
  • Transfer funds to financial institutions in countries around the globe.

How do I get a MVPay·Hub account?
When you earn a bonus for the first time, you will receive an email notification from mvpay·hub. Then, you can activate and begin using your online mvpay·hub account. If you have any questions on this, please contact MonaVie Support at 1-866-217-8455


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