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Jun 15, 2012

MVP Velocity Now Available in Canada! Order Today.

The transition to MonaVie 2.0 was marked by the introduction of MVP—MonaVie Values People. This new, universal training and education system has been an incredibly effective guide to distributor success. MVP Velocity is the evolution of that program, taking the next step toward even more effectively training and guiding distributors toward a more meaningful life. Both in terms of physics and in business building, Velocity is a measurement of speed and direction.

MVP Velocity Contents

  • Initiate introduces the key activities and skills you’ll need to get going and growing.
  • Revitalize helps you identify adjustments to make in order to ramp up your progress.
  • Empower You is where you’ll become empowered to achieve your dreams.
  • MVP Velocity Flip Chart teaches you why MonaVie is the right place to fulfill your dreams.
  • Enrollment Brochures make enrolling new distributors into your business as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Quest for Gold Goal Sheets outline a personalized 90-day plan to get you to Gold Executive.
  • Watch. Listen. Learn. CDs and DVD help you discover key tools, attributes, and skills from top distributor and corporate leaders that will propel you through the MVP Velocity system.
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