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Apr 5, 2012

MVP Audio/Video Podcasts Presented by Randy Schroeder Now Available

Lifelong learning makes leaders. And, with MonaVie MVP audio and video podcasts, lifelong learning is yours at the click of a button.

Kicking off the MVP Podcast program are exceptional podcasts presented by President of North America and Europe Randy Schroeder. Click here to enjoy a podcast today!

  • The Art of the Invitation is an audio podcast, in which Randy—one of the most successful distributors in the history of the business—teaches you how to effectively contact and invite prospects into your MonaVie business. Building an enduring, profitable business begins with a simple invitation, and no one is more qualified to teach tried and true methods for doing so than Randy.

To listen to, view, or download the MVP podcasts:

  • Visit, and click on “MVP” in the top navigation.
  • Under “Latest Podcasts,” click the Podcasts button.
  • Listen, watch, and learn by enjoying the podcasts provided.

When you are taught by proven, successful industry leaders, you accelerate your development as a distributor and reach heights in MonaVie above and beyond what you might have thought possible. So, start learning today by checking out these podcasts; and, keep visiting the MVP Podcasts page for additional upcoming podcasts.

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