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Sep 18, 2012

MonaVie’s Jeff Cohen Selected by ExecRank as a Top CMO for 2012

MonaVie’s very own CMO, Jeff Cohen, has been selected by the ranking committee of ExecRank as a “Top 50 CMO” for 2012, coming in at No. 35.

ExecRank evaluated over 15,000 CMOs this year to rank only the top 500 best. According to Chris Beaver, lead analyst for the CMO Rankings division of ExecRank, “We were extremely impressed with the achievements of Mr. Cohen. His work and reputation are highly regarded in the industry and amongst other CMOs.”

The rankings are the result of two years of research and feedback from evaluation committees and top CMOs that yielded an algorithm for how to rank CMOs based on their performance in 24 key areas.

“I am extremely honored, humbled, and grateful for the recognition by ExecRank for making the Top CMO for 2012. I truly realize that it is a combination of many things and want to recognize that my professional path led me to MonaVie. My experience as a CMO presented me the opportunity to be part of the premier direct sales organization in the world. I had the trust of the MonaVie founders—Dallin A. Larsen, Randy Larsen, and Henry Marsh—the support of a powerful marketing team, and finally, the tremendous dedication of the key leadership and hundreds of thousands of MonaVie distributors worldwide. I am grateful for what has happened—together—and look to go from success to significance!”
—Jeff Cohen

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