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Apr 11, 2014

MonaVie to My Rescue: The Journey of New Taiwan Purple Diamond Executives

Congratulations to new MonaVie Purple Diamond Executives Tai-Lang Kuo and Hsiu-Fang Yen from Taiwan. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

MonaVie improved my health and well-being in a significant way. Since that time, it’s been relatively simple for me to share MonaVie products with others. When you really believe or know that a product has helped you, it would actually be difficult NOT to share with others.

Sharing the benefits of MonaVie products has laid a successful foundation for our MonaVie business. And, as our business has grown, we’ve learned to focus on building a strong team and developing them as leaders, especially the younger generation. They have so many dreams and so much energy and passion to fuel them. We’ve found that MonaVie is a great vehicle for the younger generation to realize those dreams and to channel that energy and passion.

We endeavor to lead with the right attitude. It’s certainly possible to gain fortune and health through MonaVie, but when gaining rich friendships is your motive, everything else can fall into place. When you really do care about people—and those people can sense that—then it opens the door wide for them to trust you and want to associate with you. We believe that sincerely caring about people and having the right attitude is the key to success in MonaVie, and, perhaps, in all areas of life.

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