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Sep 9, 2013

MonaVie Team Rider Raimi Merritt Wins Wakeboard World Championships in Korea

After being sidelined with a broken ankle for much of the season, MonaVie Team Rider Raimi Merritt roared back at the IWWF Wakeboard World Championships in Korea to reclaim her title and take gold in the open women’s division.

The IWWF’s Wakeboard World Championships are held every two years and are considered to be the Olympic Games of wakeboarding with 160 wakeboard riders competing from 30 countries. Merritt won both of her heats in the women’s qualifying rounds and semifinals. Then on Sunday, she dominated the finals by hitting her rails with style, performing her signature S-Bend, and finishing with a big wild card trick.

“My focus was to stay consistent through each round leading up to the finals,” said Merritt. “In the final round, the competition was tough, and I knew I would have to stick my run to reclaim the world title.”

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