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Jan 3, 2013

NY Times Down on Traditional Energy Drinks; MonaVie Offers Alternative with Emv

As you can see from this New York Times article, the media continues to heap kindling on the fire that is burning underneath mainstream, traditional energy drinks. “Too much caffeine,” “too much sugar,” and the inevitable, resultant “crash” are the most inflammatory topics.

MonaVie Emv and Emv Lite—offering natural caffeine sources and “slower” sugars—provide healthy, sustained energy, and are a great alternative to traditional energy drinks.

See how MonaVie Emv and Emv Lite compare to other energy drinks.

USC Study States Emv Is a “safer and healthier alternative”
An independent clinical study of MonaVie’s Emv energy drink, conducted at the University of Southern California (USC), found improvements in several measures of both physical and mental performance.

On measures of mental focus and mood state, Emv users showed improvements in reaction time, memory performance, and measures of psychological vigor (mental/physical energy). The USC researchers concluded that, “With some of the safety concerns regarding current energy drinks on the market, especially with the large concentration of caffeine in a relatively small volume, the MonaVie Emv beverage might offer a safer and healthier alternative.

MonaVie Emv Is Certified by INFORMED-CHOICE
In addition to the “healthier” approach that MonaVie takes with our Emv energy drink, is the question of purity of ingredients and finished product. Because a wide range of professional and elite-level athletes consume Emv, MonaVie has partnered with INFORMED-CHOICE—an independent third-party certification program for sports supplements, ingredients and manufacturing facilities. This program assures athletes that products carrying the INFORMED-CHOICE mark (as Emv and Emv Lite do) have been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited in sport. In addition, INFORMED-CHOICE also ensures that products have been manufactured to high quality standards. Read more about MonaVie Emv and INFORMED-CHOICE.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line when it comes to energy drinks is to look for some of the healthier options that are coming to market. Those with slower types of both sugar and natural caffeine—perhaps combined with meaningful levels of exotics such as Panax ginseng, ribose, and tyrosine—offer a more sustained increase in whole-body energy levels and improvement in mental focus. MonaVie Emv fulfills each of these criteria and represents perhaps the most advanced (and delicious) energy drink on the market today.

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