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May 8, 2013

MonaVie Malaysia Celebrates 3rd Anniversary




Note: As previously stated, we are starting a new tradition at MonaVie, in which we will celebrate each market's or region’s success. We want to help you feel better connected with what is happening all over the world of MonaVie and become excited about it! This time we want you to know that MonaVie in Malaysia, Singapore, and the entire Southeast Asia region is on the rise to incredible success.

The MonaVie Malaysia 3rd Anniversary Celebration delivered as promised! With a new product, inspirational messages from powerful speakers, and a motivational, MonaVie song, every person left feeling empowered.

More than 3,000 distributors and guests from all over Malaysia, Singapore, and the surrounding region gathered at the Sunway Convention Centre on April 21, 2013, to celebrate success of MonaVie in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

That’s the power of MonaVie
The close to capacity crowd roared as we launched the MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix in Malaysia for the first time. We knew this wonderful product would be a hit, but even we were a little surprised to see the incredible momentum it created. Distributors and guests couldn’t get enough of this delicious, nutrient dense weight management product at our tasting stations.

And by the end of the event, distributors and guests had purchased more than one million ringgit in products and merchandise combined! If you need a better reason to attend the next MonaVie event, this is it! Events are not only motivating, but they are simply the best way to amplify your business and, quite possibly, your commission earnings.

The power to go after your dreams

In advancing to Black Diamond, June Yip and Jimmy Gan have certainly seen their yearly commissions hit the one million mark. The fairly new Black Diamond Executives received keys to their glamorous Mercedes-Benz at the event.

Two years ago, June and Jimmy were newbies in the direct selling world, now they have become powerful trailblazers that lead by example. In fact, June’s first five weeks in MonaVie provide a perfect indication of how hard this couple works. During that time, June alone sold 400 bottles of juice! We’re not sure if that is a record, but it certainly is an incredible achievement!

There are now four Black Diamond Executives and above in Malaysia and a few distributors are knocking on the rank’s door. MonaVie also recognised Ling Kiu Ping as a new White Diamond Executive and Teo Wee Thiam and Simon Teng as new Purple Diamond Executives.  

We are one. We are strong.

Top distributor leaders concluded the event with heart-warming and inspiring stories. Presidential Black Diamonds Shah Khan and Shelley Ke and Royal Black Diamonds Johnny Chia and Samanther Ng shared powerful messages on how they became involved with MonaVie and what drives their success. They spoke of the importance of attitude, drive, dedication, and the power of AutoShip.

Johnny and Samanther were also recognised as MonaVie Malaysia’s Distributorship of the Year. They received the coveted award for being paid as Black Diamond or above for the most weeks in 2012. 

Amazing success is happening everywhere in MonaVie. From Asia and Europe to North and South America, leaders are being born and rising to the top. All in all, events like this are bringing us together in strength and unity.

Take my hand and you’ll see,
Rise with MonaVie!

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