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Nov 18, 2013

MonaVie Latin America VISION Convention 2013 – São Paulo

The MonaVie Latin America VISION Convention (December 14–15, 2013) in São Paulo is going to be one of the most important events for MonaVie Brazil this year. It will be a two-day event filled with incredible recognition, training, business information, and motivational speeches. Exclusive promotions and news will also be announced.

If you have prospects in Brazil or have been thinking about building in this region, be sure to invite or encourage your contacts to attend this incredible event so they can have a glimpse of what MonaVie is doing in this country and what our VISION is for 2014.

MonaVie CEO and President Mauricio Bellora will be on hand to outline the company’s directions and long term goals. And, MonaVie Brazil’s biggest distributor leaders will take the stage to inspire and share informative business building tips. The list of distributor leaders includes:

Presidential Black Diamond Executives

  • Caio Carneiro
  • Marcus Clemente

Royal Black Diamond Executives

  • Marcelo Serakides
  • Fernão Battistoni

Black Diamond Executives

  • Beto Carvalho
  • Rodrigo e Aretha Berkembrock

Latin America VISION Convention 2013 – São Paulo
December 14–15, 2013
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (both days)

Transamerica Expo Center – Hall C
Av. Dr. Mário Vilas Boas Rodrigues, 387 - Santo Amaro

Mauricio Bellora, CEO and President
Paul Muehlmann, Chief Marketing Officer
Mauricio Patrocinio, Vice President, Latin America
Eduardo Frayha, General Manager, Brazil

R$ 120,00 (per ticket) and R$ 500,00 (5 tickets).
Purchase tickets at This site is only available in Portuguese. 

For more information:

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