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Apr 8, 2014

MonaVie Hat Trick Winners Announced—Watch on Demand

Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, We are the champions! We are the champions!
Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, We are the champions! We are the champions!

And here are the 5 champions (a.k.a. winners) of the MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion! They’ll get to chant this famous soccer song while watching the Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina World Cup soccer game on June 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Click here to watch the video as each winner is selected randomly from thousands of tickets earned by those who qualified for this special drawing.

Of course, the World Cup game is only one part of the Hat Trick trifecta prize. This June, the winners will also experience a life-changing visit to the MORE Project and enjoy an excursion into the Amazon Rainforest to see where the açai berry is harvested.  

Congratulations to these 5 winners. We will see you in Brazil! ¡Olé!

North America Region
Carlos Concheso, Diamond Executive, U.S.

Europe Region
Jesus Torralba Perez, Bronze Executive, Spain

Greater China Region
娟 李 (Juan Li), Bronze Executive, Hong Kong

Asia Pacific Region
Mori Yuko, Ruby Executive, Japan

Bonus Winner
惠芬 陆 (HuiFen Lu), Ruby Executive, Hong Kong

2nd US$50,000 Car Winner
Congratulations to White Diamond Executive 爱晨 于 (Aichen Yu) from Hong Kong on winning a new car as part of the Hat Trick Promotion. The Greater China region earned the most tickets in the promotion and Regional President Dan Zhu pulled the winner randomly from a pile of nearly 50,000 tickets earned by thousands of other distributors in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Brazil Trip Winners
Some distributors didn’t want to wait for the drawing, so they earned the Brazil trip (not including the World Cup game) by advancing in rank to Purple Diamond, or higher, during the promotional period.

Congratulations to the following distributors for rank advancing and earning the trip. They’ll go to Brazil where they will visit the MORE Project and take part in the excursion to the Amazon Rainforest.

  • Scott and Sue Olsen, Imperial Black Diamond, United States
  • 문태옥, Royal Black Diamond, Korea
  • 박홍렬, Black Diamond, Korea
  • 박옥자, Black Diamond, Korea
  • 심양희, Black Diamond, Korea
  • 곽진희, Black Diamond, Korea
  • Howard and Yvonne Shen, White Diamond, Australia   
  • 강경연, White Diamond, Korea
  • 爱晨 于, White Diamond, Hong Kong
  • 丽华 白, White Diamond, Hong Kong 
  • 李國隆 (阿薩伊企業社), Purple Diamond, Taiwan
  • 叶菁华, Purple Diamond, Hong Kong
  • Akita Mitsuru, Purple Diamond, Japan
  • AUTOTRADING Luft Japan Co. Ltd, Purple Diamond, Japan
  • Lance and Tracey Smith, Purple Diamond, United States
  • 박혜숙, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 이은선, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 이영기, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 유영미, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 유길영, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 가영란, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 서홍석, Purple Diamond, Korea
  • 민경희, Purple Diamond, Korea
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