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Apr 29, 2013

MonaVie Brazil Empower Super Regional Attracts Over 7,500

Note: As you know, MonaVie is a growing global family, and like any family we want to celebrate one another’s success. Each market's or region’s success can serve as an empowering, awe-inspiring moment that creates growth and unity. This announcement is intended to do just that—bring us together as one. And, this is just the beginning. There are exciting things happening all around the world in MonaVie, and we can’t wait to share that success with you, as well as share North America’s success with the world!


The Expo Transamérica—one of the biggest and best event pavilions in Brazil—was too small.

¡Bom demais!

The stage, as hundreds of rising MonaVie Brazil distributors marched to the front to be recognized and with two Mercedes-Benzes on display, proved to be too small as well.

¡Bom demais!

All in all, nothing could contain the excitement, passion, and desire of more than 7,500 distributors and guests at the MonaVie Brazil Empower Super Regional on April 13, 2013, in São Paulo.

With many audience members lining the walls, the event marked a historic milestone for MonaVie in Brazil. We recognized a new Presidential Black Diamond Executive and two new Black Diamond Executives at the event, bringing the total number of Black Diamonds and above in Brazil to seven…and counting.

¡Bom Demais!

Marcus Clemente, one of the pioneers of MonaVie Brazil, received his Presidential Black Diamond pin and a check for R$721.777,51. Marcus is very famous, respected, and revered in MonaVie Brazil. He believes with all his heart that everything related to MonaVie is ¡BOM DEMAIS!—beyond good or too good!

“Success requires sacrifice, and we’ve sacrificed a lot to build for the future,” Marcus said from stage. “MonaVie is a seed planted in our lives that we are continually watering. Do not let anyone steal your belief, your dream. With MonaVie, joy, and passion, you can help your friends succeed and you will also get there.”

Adrenaline-Pumping Mercedes-Benz

At 25, Beto Carvalho became the youngest Black Diamond in MonaVie. He received recognition and keys to his new, black Mercedes-Benz on stage. Beto inspired the crowd when he said that success comes more from what is inside your heart than what is inside your head. “An unwavering belief is one of the keys to doing this business,” he said. 

Through hard work and dedication, Rodrigo and Aretha Berkembrock became Black Diamonds in exactly one year! For their efforts, they also received a Mercedes-Benz convertible on stage. Rodrigo and Aretha told the audience to have a dream and a why that is much bigger than your fears. “We love what we do,” they said, “and that is what drives us every day.”

¡Bom demais!

Waves of Momentum

MonaVie recognized a record number of other distributors, including 226 Bronzes, 184 Silvers, 76 Golds, 32 Rubies, 10 Emeralds, and 5 Diamonds. MonaVie also celebrated the achievements of new Purple Diamond Executive Gabriela Dermino. What’s more, distributors were handsomely rewarded on stage, with some receiving bonus checks of R$33.000,00 or more.

The Super Regional came on the heels of the biggest sales month ever in MonaVie Brazil history! In March 2013, Brazil distributors set an incredible, new sales record. In fact, MonaVie Brazil has grown by 145% when compared to March 2012. MonaVie Brazil General Manager Eduardo Frayha and the Brazil distributor leaders are looking to make MonaVie Brazil an R$1 billion business by 2014.

¡Bom demais!

US$100,000 Donated to MORE Project

The director of the MORE Project in Brazil, Sergio Ponce, thanked everyone for making the charitable foundation possible and thanked a few Brazilian distributors who provided kimonos to the MORE Project. Some of the children at the MORE Project are now taking jiu-jitsu classes.

By the end of the event, distributors had donated more than US$100,000 to the MORE Project.

¡Bom demais!

Make Plans to Chase Your Dreams
With inspiring speeches and training, coupled with the launch of new business kits, tools, and product—MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix bag—the energy from the Super Regional is now permeating throughout the country and world.

Alexandre Souza Malta, a Star 1000 from Espírito Santo, Brazil, said, “This was the first time I’ve participated in a MonaVie event, and now I fully understand the essence of MonaVie and what it represents to the world.”

That’s the power of attending a MonaVie event. It builds your belief and confidence, and from it you will be able to recruit and enroll more people.

So, what will do? What is your action plan to take your business to the next level? Talk with your team. We will be by your side, focusing on creating A More Meaningful Life for all.


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