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Apr 16, 2014

MonaVie Balance 2-Week Trial Offer Ends Friday, May 30!

The FREE* 2-week trial of MonaVie Balance is quickly coming to an end. You have until May 30, 2014, to leverage this unique promotion to sign up new distributors or customers.

Distributors like Gold Executive Julia JackaloneStar 1000 Leah VargasSilver Executive Shari Reiniger, and Silver Executive Heather Rogers are experiencing incredible success with this offer. Click below to check out their stories on how they are using the 2-week trial to attract new distributors and customers.

Create your own success story! Use this exclusive offer to introduce someone new to MonaVie in a stress-free way.

Here’s How It Works

  • Find people who are experiencing stress in their life and would benefit from MonaVie Balance (not too difficult, right?).
  • Inform them about the FREE Balance 2-week Trial offer.
    • For face-to-face invitations, give them this flyer and invite them to check out the promotion website at, where they can take a short stress quiz, hear testimonials, and learn more about MonaVie Balance.
    • For online inviting, we welcome you to use one of our standard, pre-written email templates.
    • Either way, be sure to give all potential customers your distributor ID number.
  • When ready, instruct your customers to place their order for a free 2-week trial of MonaVie Balance by calling our toll-free, dedicated MonaVie Balance hotline at 1-855-997-5646. MonaVie will ship the product directly to them.
  • Follow up with your customers within 48 hours to make sure they called the toll-free number for the free product, and reiterate to them how MonaVie Balance will change their life.
  • Ask them if they know of anyone else that would benefit from MonaVie Balance, and repeat steps 2–5.

Promotional Resources
Click here to access helpful email templates, flyers, and videos that will assist you in converting prospects into customers.

Here’s to living a Balanced life!

* Offer Details:

  • Customer calls MonaVie Balance hotline at 1-855-997-5646 (toll-free) and pays $7.95 for shipping and handling, plus any applicable state tax.
  • MonaVie will sign up new customers with an AutoShip of one (1) box of Balance. However, placing an AutoShip Order is not required to get the 2-Week Balance Trial.
  • Offer is available through May 31, 2014, or while supplies last.
  • Since quantities are limited, existing distributors and preferred customers are not eligible for participation in this promotion.
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