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Jul 15, 2014

MonaVie Announces Founders’ Retirement, Begins New Chapter

In a relay race, a runner is selected for his or her ability to contribute a unique skillset of physical and mental attributes to a key stage of the race. And so it is in business, where different management and skillsets are called upon to lead a company through its next stages of progress. I was selected by the MonaVie Board of Directors about a year and a half ago to ensure that MonaVie continues strong in the race.

On Thursday, July 3, 2014, MonaVie announces the retirement of its Founders Dallin Larsen, Randy Larsen, and Henry Marsh, who, for the past year and a half, have been serving on the MonaVie Board of Directors in preparation for the eventual transition to its current leadership team, and the proverbial turning of the page to a new chapter in MonaVie’s storied history. All three Founders remain shareholders of the company—and will forever be the Founders of MonaVie—but will no longer serve on its Board of Directors. The decision was reached mutually among the Founders in a meeting held yesterday.

For those of you who have been distributors with MonaVie for many years, I’m certain this announcement will stir up many fond memories and feelings of nostalgia. For those of you who have joined the MonaVie family more recently, this news may be less personally impactful but still of great import. Wherever you are on the spectrum, I want to assure you of two things.

First, the Founders love and appreciate you, the company, and its employees. In a statement to close friends and family, Randy said, “There are so many wonderful and talented people who have given their heart to MonaVie. I love and appreciate them so much. And I have all the confidence in the world in their abilities to make this company a continued success. I wish Mauricio and team all the success in the world as they execute their strategy. I believe that the next chapter for MonaVie can be greater than all the previous successes. I am at peace with my decision to move onto the next chapter in my life.”

In a separate statement, Dallin said, “With Mauricio Bellora now on board as CEO of MonaVie, I believe that MonaVie can create greater success in the future than we’ve seen in the past, but the baton absolutely must be passed. So, after many months of prayer, deliberation, and conversation with Karree, I’ve decided to step aside from MonaVie as Chairman. No words can adequately convey the depth of feeling and gratitude that Karree and I have in our hearts for the MonaVie family, nor will time erase the fond memories we feel for each of you whom we’ve had the privilege of serving. We are simply better, because of you and your goodness.”

CLICK HERE to read Dallin’s full statement to the community he loves.

During my time thus far with MonaVie, I’ve learned much from and about our three Founders. I felt and admired Henry’s optimism, “glass all-the-way full(!)” attitude, and unwavering ability to smile. And, although retired from the Board, Henry eagerly looks forward to attending and participating in distributor and corporate meetings in the future. I greatly appreciate Randy’s ability to understand and adapt to various cultures. And, from Dallin, I learned of his great passion and commitment in so many areas of life. Further, Dallin is the man who put the MORE Project into my heart, for which I am forever grateful.

Finally, I want you to know that I accept the passing of the baton, and that the advice and example of our Founders will always continue with me on this journey. My goal for this company is to achieve long-term sustainable growth. I’m working every day, in concert with my executive management team, to structure our processes and opportunity—be it the opportunity for a fulfilling career as an employee, as a shareholder, as a distributor pursuing a part- or full-time income, or as a product consumer—so that MonaVie will continue to contribute to your lives in a meaningful way.

On behalf of all of MonaVie, we express our deep gratitude to Dallin, Randy, and Henry for their inspired vision of a company that would bring health and opportunity to countless individuals for generations to come.


Mauricio Bellora
MonaVie, CEO and President

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