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Sep 17, 2013

MonaVie 4x4 Program Jeep Winners List

How would you like to cruise around your neighborhood in your very own 2013 Jeep, courtesy of MonaVie! Dozens are already proving how the MonaVie opportunity works for them by winning the 4x4 Program. Congratulations to everyone who has won! Be sure to check back to see the updated list.

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MonaVie 4x4 Program Jeep Winners:

Jacqueline Arcella, Silver Executive

Rachel Ansong Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Chelsea Armstrong, Star 1,000

Araba Arthur-Mensah Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Larry and Jennifer Aulenbach, Ruby Executives

Roy Avery, Silver Executive

Horacio Baca, Silver Executive

Ed Beardsley, Silver Executive

Calvin Becerra, Presidential Black Diamond

Donna and Robert Bickis, Diamond Executives

Maria BoFill, Star 1,000

Renita and Scott Brannan, White Diamond Executives

Carmen Brito, Gold Executive

Alicia Brown, Silver Executive

Kelly Chiscull, Silver Executive

Kyle Clement, Silver Executive

Carlos and Dena Concheso, Gold Executives

Christina Cox, Silver Executive

Blair English, Silver Executive

Korina Felhauer, Silver Executive

Carl and Cathie Firestone, Diamond Executives

Shayna and Adam Gervais, Silver Executives

Chris and Connie Grant, Ruby Executives

Jane and Jake Haagsman, Gold Executives

Bear (William) and Angela Harris, Emerald Executives

Regina Hensel, Silver Executive

Robert Holden, Star

Glenn and Nicole Johnson, Gold Executives

Jim and Karen Kane, Blue Diamond Executives

Jeffrey Kea, Star 1,000

Damaysi Kish, Silver Executive

Debra Kurtz, Silver Executive

Taylor Kurtz, Star 1,000

Greg LaFlam, Gold Executive

Victor Leon, Silver Executive

Gene and Lynn Linkous, Ruby Executives

Pedro Malagon, Star 1,000

Kyle Manley, Silver Executive

Donald Masse, Ruby Executive

Michael Masse, Gold Executive

Steve and Sheila Matthews, Silver Executives

Reid McCants, Bronze Executive

Steve and Gina Merritt, Crowne Black Diamond Executives

Patrick and Toni Minneo, Silver Executives

Sandy and Jim Minneo, Blue Diamond Executives

Byron and Karen Moles, Blue Diamond Executives

Susan Moran, Star 1,000

Erick Najera, Silver Executive

Robert Niebla, Silver Executive

Susan Penner, Silver Executive

Mardi Pfannebecker, Silver Executive

Kent and Nadine Pickett, Gold Executives

Deb Prather, Silver Executive

Bernadette Reuter, Bronze Executive

Jose Manuel Delgado Rodriguez, Bronze Executive

Midris Romero, Gold Executive

Holly and Corbin Roush, Presidential Black Diamond Executives

Dean and Lori Runzer, Emerald Executives

Govind Seelan, Silver Executive

Michael Schaab, Silver Executive

Joshua Scutnik, Silver Executive

Andrew and Caron Sheffield, Gold Executives

Diane Simu, Silver Executive

Javier and Pavela Solis, Emerald Executive

Frank and Cindy Soucinek, Black Diamond Executives

Poppy and Todd Sun, Emerald Executives

Jordan Taylor, Silver Executive

Paul and Ranee Taylor, Gold Executives

Natalie and John Thomas, Ruby Executives

Kelly and Mark Timmerman, Diamond Executives

Dana and Chris Tinley, Emerald Executive

Rose Umoh Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Linda Umoh Westerville, Ohio

Cody Van Camp, Bronze Executive

Jeanette Vancamp, Silver Executive

Eric Vanderwell, Silver Executive

Lidia and Vas Simut, Gold Executive

Monica Villarroel, Silver Executive

Maggie Wong, Diamond Executives

Kinga Wulczynska, Gold Executive

Phyllis Zerbini, Gold Executive

Olga Gutierrez, Silver Executive

Steve Veerapen, Star 1,000

Lance and Tracey Smith, White Diamond Executives

Stephanie and Richard Smith, Silver Executive

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