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Apr 4, 2014

Midris Romero—How I Earned My Jeep and Where I Want to Take It!

Congratulations to Gold Executive Midris Romero from Hobbs, New Mexico, on earning a brand new Jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what she had to say about her accomplishment…

My road to a Jeep!
"A little discipline and gratitude and belief in God…I believe that’s what got me here.

"I promoted the Sr. Platinum Kits—the best way to start right with MonaVie—like crazy. I kept focus and was consistent with my daily work. Daily Disciplines Done Daily, when you have the right activities, truly lays the foundation for success. Over the past few months, I did a significant amount of work and put a lot of time into helping my team achieve their goals as well. I strive to be a leader in my team, not of my team. I believe that all of us can do better than one of us. Now, looking back, I was just taking one day at a time. And now I’m sitting here in my Jeep thinking it was certainly all worth it!

What will get YOU to a Jeep? 
"Determining your 'why.' Plain and simple. You’ve got to know what’s motivating you. It will help you inspire others to dream bigger, and it will help you rise above the hard times and negativity that can sometimes occur. Also, I like the attitude that you’re willing to live your life today like most people won’t, so that you can live your life later like most people can’t!

"Once you’ve got this etched in your heart, it’s time to begin the work. For me, it was as simple as doing the steps necessary for success, including:

  • Attending team calls.
  • Watching MonaVie webinars.
  • Presenting the MonaVie product and opportunity to others.
  • Attending meetings and, most importantly, Convention, because this is where you will see the heart of MonaVie!

"And include your family in your dreams. The mutual focus and support will only serve to energize and propel your collective efforts forward. When this happens, the 'work' doesn’t even feel like work. And, if you encounter negativity in your efforts, don’t let it affect you; rather, let it serve as a reminder of what you don’t want to be in this life.

Becoming a blessing to others
"A Jeep isn’t everything, neither is money. But they can be great tools for when you want to be a blessing in people’s lives. And when you find enough people to replace you in this business, God will honor you because they are being a blessing to others—just like you are! That's when you will truly understand that you’ve been blessed with a More Meaningful Life opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by. Share away, MonaVie family!

Where do I plan on taking my Jeep? 
"That is a trick question because now that I have my Jeep, the question is, 'Where will my Jeep take me?' I have received so many new contacts from all over that my Jeep is now taking me to places I never planned to go before I had it. So I am definitely buckling up! This amazing journey is about to begin, and there’s no telling where this Jeep and I will end up!"

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