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Mar 4, 2013

March 2013 MVP Lifelong Learning—Subscribe Today!

MVP Lifelong Learning blends training and motivational topics delivered by experts and key leadership through CDs, books, and more on a monthly subscription program.


Your March 2013 subscription offering includes:

  • “Finish What You Start” by Ken and Carol Porter, Crowne Black Diamond Executives
    Using stories from his life, Ken Porter explores the power of visualizing your dreams and not giving up on them. You can overcome the “bully between your ears” and live the life you want to live.  

  • “MVP Tools” by Steve Merritt, Crowne Black Diamond, and Lance Smith, Blue Diamond
    Steve Merritt and Lance Smith discuss the evolution of the MVP system and tools. Learn how the future of MVP will help you to achieve the future you’ve been dreaming about. 

  • “The New Science of Feeling Your Best” by Dr. Shawn Talbott, MonaVie CSO
    When you feel better, you’ll be more prone to being more active in the world, your community, and in your life in general. Dr. Shawn Talbott explores what you can do to start feeling better through the science of MonaVie products.  

  • “Friends Do What Friends Do” by Matt and Kim Curtis, Black Diamonds
    Matt and Kim Curtis share their story, starting with the importance—and power—of keeping your commitment to your MonaVie business and wrapping up with a discussion of how to get your friends and family signed up.  

  • “What Is Your VIEW?” by Scott and Renita Brannan, White Diamonds
    Renita and Scott Brannan explore what the VIEW means to them and their business while helping you to envision what your VIEW could be.

  • Book of the Month: How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin
    Written by a recognized expert in the field of human relations, this practical book explains clearly the basic principles behind human behavior so that readers can work with human nature—not against it—in all aspects of their lives. Whether you’re trying to make a sale, garner a raise from your boss, or foster goodwill with a neighbor, Les Giblin describes how to interact for positive results that work in your favor. Learn time-tested techniques and strategies for making a good first impression, improving listening and speaking skills, influencing others, managing people successfully, and much more.

Includes 4 CDs

Includes Basic subscription items, plus: Bonus disc and book of the month

Click here to learn more about this monthly subscription program tailored for your personal enrichment and professional success.

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