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May 13, 2013

Make the Ruby Fly-In a Marked Destination on Your MonaVie Journey. Qualify by July 5.

Qualifying at Ruby Executive means more than joining the Executive Elite Ranks in MonaVie; it marks a major milestone along your journey to A More Meaningful Life. When you reach Ruby, we fly you and a guest to Salt Lake City, Utah, where you’ll stay in one of the state's most treasured mountain hideaways.

In addition, you'll participate in activities, get personal recognition and training from MonaVie’s Executive Team during this meticulously planned weekend getaway. The qualification deadline for this year’s trip is July 5. We’ll see you there!

How to Qualify

  • Rank advance to Ruby Executive between August 25, 2012 and July 5, 2013.
  • Remain Active and Qualified throughout the duration of the qualification weeks.

Ruby Fly-In
Zermatt Resort & Spa
Midway, Utah
September 25–28, 2013

Qualification Deadline
July 5, 2013

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