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May 25, 2015

Make the Holidays More Meaningful; Send a MonaVie Holiday Gift Pack

While others search for the perfect holiday bargain on the latest gadget that will be obsolete by Valentine’s Day, why don’t you do something More Meaningful for the ones you love?

MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs!

Because let’s face it: the people that mean most to you are worth more than a fad thingamabob that represents nothing more than a status symbol. And, when you give them the gift of MonaVie, you are letting them know exactly what your friendship represents—something lasting, something empowering, and something rewarding. Just like MonaVie! Make it a lasting and valuable holiday season by introducing MonaVie to someone you love.


Item    Wholesale PV
MonaVie MX (1 bottle) US$29.95 15
MonaVie EMV orEMV Light (6-pack) US$19.95 5
MonaVie EMV (3 cans) and EMV Light (3 cans) US$19.95 5
Item  Wholesale PV
MonaVie MX (1 bottle)            CAD$31.95 15
MonaVie EMV or EMV Light (6-pack) CAD$20.95 5
MonaVie EMV (3 cans) and EMV Light (3 cans) CAD$20.95 5

Bonus Offer
For every Holiday Gift Pack you give this holiday season, your recipient will receive the offer below. Spread tidings of comfort and joy…as well as health and wealth. Send someone a MonaVie Holiday Gift Pack today!

* Available in the United States and Canada while supplies last.

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