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May 6, 2013

Make Sure You’re On the List! Join Us for Black Tie Salt Lake City in August

If you’ve never been to a Black Tie Event, make sure you do everything in your power to get to this summer’s event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Not only do you get an evening of royal treatment courtesy of MonaVie—distinguished entertainment, a supreme dining experience, and more—you get to spend it with a special guest of your choosing as well as with a close family of MonaVie leaders like you.

The deadline to qualify is August 16, 2013, so review the requirements today and see what you can do to join the following distributors who have already qualified for this extraordinary event:

Salt Lake City Black Tie Event Qualifiers

Steve and Gina Merritt, Crowne Black Diamonds

Calvin and Shannon Becerra, Presidential Black Diamonds
Holly and Corbin Roush, Presidential Black Diamonds

Todd and Angelique Hartog, Royal Black Diamonds

Charlie and Debbie Kalb, Royal Black Diamonds

Randy Schroeder, Royal Black Diamond

Mark and Jill Ewell, Black Diamonds

Frank and Cindy Soucinek, Black Diamonds

Renita and Scott Brannan, White Diamonds
Conrad and Jill Padilla, White Diamonds
Dan and Maranda Williams, Purple Diamonds
Mark Berry, Blue Diamond
Noel and Erin Burnsed, Blue Diamonds
Karen and Colombo DiSalvatore, Blue Diamonds
Jim and Karen Kane, Blue Diamonds
John Ksiazek, Blue Diamond
Stephanie and Ken Kuhnhofer, Blue Diamonds
Shawn and Chrystal Lyons, Blue Diamonds
Doreen Matsumoto, Blue Diamond
Mike and Linda McCormick, Blue Diamonds
Kevin and Emily Wilson, Blue Diamonds
Kate and Travis Wilson, Blue Diamonds

Robert and Donna Bickis, Diamonds

Wayne and Molly Dover, Diamonds

Carl and Cathie Firestone, Diamonds

Mark and Kelly Timmerman, Diamonds

Allie Berry, Emerald

William (Bear) and Angela Harris, Emeralds

Javier and Pavela Solis, Emeralds

Chris and Dana Tinley, Emeralds

Shannon Tope, Emerald

Renee Yu, Emerald

Blanca Cervantes, Ruby

Andres Chavez, Ruby

Alfonso de Nova, Ruby

Sandy and Jim Minneo, Ruby

David and Martha Moore, Rubies

Angela and Jim Murdock, Rubies

Dean and Tanya Pekeski, Rubies

Jose Rodriguez, Ruby

Leslie Vannucci, Ruby

Aysegul Abu Amrieh, Gold

Larry and Jennifer Aulenbach, Golds

Roberto Baez, Gold

Jim Barney, Gold

Scott Binder, Gold

Mike and Kelly Bonomo, Golds

Dorothy and Rich Brown, Golds

Hassan Chararah, Gold

Rabeh Chararah, Gold

Carlos and Dena Concheso, Golds

Albert Gamez, Gold

Enrique Gardea, Gold

Angela Gilmore, Gold

Jane and Jake Haagsman, Golds

Dave and Tracy Horvath, Golds

Colleen King, Gold

David and Rhonda Manning, Golds

Omar Martinez, Gold

Matt and Shari McCants, Golds

Nick and Lisa Morris, Golds

Mariah Prussia, Gold

Denice and Dave Sincock, Golds

Cheryl and Jake Smith, Golds

Amber and Levi Smith, Golds

Poppy and Todd Sun, Golds

Nelson Tovar, Gold

Andrea Valencia, Gold

Celeste Walker, Gold

Dennis Weinstein, Gold

Vanessa and Bill Burchett, Silvers

Gerard and Cherry Fernando, Silvers

Claudia Garza, Silver

Debra Green, Silver

Jason and Mona Hillard, Silvers

Christine Layese, Silver

Kevin and Michelle McNutt, Silvers

Kent and Nadine Pickett, Silvers

Lindsay Kjos and Jake Roberts, Silvers

Heather Rogers, Silver

Whitney Rud, Silver

Dennis and Rhonda Rupp, Silvers

Rita Shvets, Silver

Rick and Kim Singleton, Silvers

Cherry and Peter Smyth, Silvers

Devin and Sara Webster, Silvers

George Aubrey, Bronze

Scott Baumgartner, Bronze

Patricia Cove, Bronze

Kim Craig, Bronze

Anna Janowska, Bronze

Casey and Nichole Kapp, Bronzes

Debbie and Keith O’Quinn, Bronzes

Maria Elena Orozco, Bronze

Robert and Kary Sinkule, Bronzes

Mark and Lisa Ziebarth, Bronzes

Amy and Ronnie Binder, Star 1,000s

Suzanne Curry, Star 1,000

Kyle and Krisi Engelhardt, Star 1,000s

Blair English, Star 1,000

Joseph Pickett, Star 1,000

Jack and Joan Thomas, Star 1,000s

Veril and Young Tordsen, Star 1,000

Victor Genchi, Star 500


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