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May 29, 2015

Make Sure MonaVie Is Working for You 24/7 with the Night and Day Kit

A MonaVie premium blend drink coupled with a MonaVie Balance in the morning. MonaVie EMV Lite to keep you going strong in the afternoon. And, MonaVie Rest before you go to bed so you’re ready to do it all again the next day. That’s the idea behind our new Night and Day Kits!

Our products are designed to keep your body and mind in tune round the clock. Our business opportunity is designed to do the same for your financial health. Make sure your health and wealth are perfectly attuned by taking advantage of the Night and Day Kit.


Night and Day Kit
200 PV
US$249 (AutoShip)
US$261 (Standard)

  • 1 Case MonaVie Active or MonaVie MX
  • 1 Box MonaVie Balance
  • 1 Case MonaVie Rest
  • 6 Cans MonaVie EMV Lite
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