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Mar 19, 2013

Learn the Science and the Business of MonaVie VIEW! Odessa, Texas, Business Building Seminar, Saturday, March 23

Attend this Saturday’s MonaVie Business Building Seminar in Odessa, Texas, and:

  • Learn why the VIEW works for your body.
  • Learn how the VIEW works for your business.
  • Experience and enjoy the MonaVie community as you network with likeminded entrepreneurs.

Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh will be joined by Vice President of North America Katy Holt-Larsen and Chief Science Officer Shawn Talbott onstage in Texas to deliver dynamic messages of growth opportunity with the MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner. You’ll also learn about the science of feeling your best. Get your tickets today!

Business Building Seminar—Odessa, Texas
Saturday, March 23, 2013
1–4 p.m.

Odessa College
201 W. University
Odessa, Texas 79764


  • Henry Marsh, Founder and Vice Chairman
  • Katy Holt-Larsen, Vice President of North America
  • Shawn Talbott, Chief Science Officer
  • Conrad and Jill Padilla, White Diamond Executives

US$25 in advance*
US$30 at the door

* Tickets available through local leaders (Blue Diamonds and above).

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