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Jun 4, 2013

Learn Community Building Tips by Listening to the June Organizational Call Replay

Community is the first of the 7 pillars of MVP, and it’s the focus of this month’s North America Organizational Call.

Listen to the call now

On the call, Vice President of North America Katy Holt-Larsen explains that what people love more than our products is the quality of other distributors, their uplines, and the relationships they make through MonaVie. Listen to the call and learn some tips you may not have thought of to build community within your circle of influence from successful, community-minded distributors.

What can you do to build community?

  • Black Diamond Executives Frank and Cindy Soucinek make sure their kids are a part of their business. “Everything we do is with our children, and it’s no different with our MonaVie business,” Cindy says.
    Find out more.

  • Blue Diamond Doreen Matsumoto’s organization bands together by finding charitable programs and events, including the MORE Project, to participate in within their community. “You’ve got to get active in something more than just making money,” she says. Listen to Doreen’s ideas.

MORE Project—the foundation of the MonaVie community
Attending a MORE Project expedition is another way to build community within your MonaVie family. MonaVie is a company whose very essence is all about giving back. They linked up with Sergio Ponce, and the MORE Project was born. Learn how you can get involved.

  • “Every time I go to the MORE Project, it’s a little more special than the last. I come back a better person than I was before. That’s what this business is about—building yourself and becoming a better person.”—Presidential Black Diamond Calvin Becerra

  • “Community is about friendship. It doesn’t matter how far away we are from each other or what language we speak. My heart is connected to the MonaVie family.”—Sergio Ponce, Director of MORE Project Brazil

So, what kind of MonaVie community member are you?

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