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Mar 12, 2012

Ken and Carol Porter Become Third Crowne Black Diamonds in MonaVie History

We are honored to congratulate Ken and Carol Porter from Washington, Utah, on achieving the rank of Crowne Black Diamond Executive, joining a select group within the MonaVie family that includes only two other distributorships. Here's what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

"Over 20 years ago when we started our journey in this industry, we thought that everyone wanted the same thing: They want the great American Dream! All around the world, people know the term, 'the American Dream.' Most people think it's a 'more-money' dream. While that may be an important part, the real American Dream is about quality of life. That requires more than money; it requires freedom—specifically, time freedom.

"Though Carol and I wanted and needed income, what we really craved was the freedom that comes from building a lifetime passive residual source of income. How many people do you know who have a lifetime passive income source? That's right: almost nobody! Only people with ownership in a big business or successful community commerce distributors have that benefit. For most people, choosing not to succeed in this industry is a choice not to achieve financial freedom. That's our belief.

"When we began our quest for financial freedom, we quickly learned a couple of key lessons. The first was that in order to achieve the benefits promised by community commerce, you need to become good at the simple steps required for success. Most people quit before they become good at those simple steps. We didn't accomplish anything fast. After working full time for six months in the business, we were only making a few hundred dollars per month. I was cash negative because I was buying more products than I was earning. I had plenty of reasons to quit.

"I had to sell insurance during the day in order to pay the bills and support my community commerce dreams. I knew that my future was in this business, not insurance. So, even though I was earning real money in insurance and losing money in this industry, I knew my dreams were solidly tied to this business. That made it impossible to quit. It was a slow process because I had to develop my skills and mindset before I could become truly effective. And, I'm still working on that.

"A second lesson learned was that while we thought we came for the money, we quickly found that what we really wanted was the freedom. Those who come for the money don't usually stick. There are thousands of ways to make short-term money. Many of them are easier in the short run than community commerce. However, though there are many ways to earn money, no other way that I'm aware of leads to financial freedom. Freedom lovers eventually find this business. The freedom to choose how to spend your time is far and away more valuable than the money.

"For us, when we gained a rock-solid $1,000 per week over 20 years ago, it changed everything. We no longer needed to worry about basic survival. From that moment, we gained our freedom and independence. With the pressure gone, every extra moment, time, and energy has been used to work on our tomorrow dream as opposed to today's pressure. Most people (because they focus only on today) get no further than solving the problems of the day.

"We had a vision and a dream that drove our daily activities; we hope you do to. MonaVie is the right company. MonaVie will be here for a long, long time, getting better and better with every passing year. Go rock-solid Gold in MonaVie to get rid of the pressure. Then, keep going to achieve your dreams."

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