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Dec 17, 2012

Join Us for One Minute of Prayer, Silence, and Meditation, Tuesday (12/18), Noon (EST)

Dear Friends,

In light of the unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut, as well as the passing this last weekend of our dear friend, Lily Anderson, I’m asking each of us in the MonaVie community to observe one minute of prayer, silence, and meditation at exactly noon (EST) tomorrow, Tuesday (12/18). I’m sure that you, like Karree and I, have been deeply wounded. Yet, we seek healing and increased faith in God above, and believe with all our being that this life is but a temporary separation from our eternal home. May we all love our children and treat each day with reverence, and may comfort come to Lily’s beautiful family as well as all those precious families in Connecticut whose grieving is unthinkable and simply unimaginable at this very moment.

With love,
Dallin and Karree Larsen

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