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Jan 6, 2014

January 2014 MVP Lifelong Learning—Subscribe Today!

MVP Lifelong Learning blends training and motivational topics delivered by experts and key leadership through CDs, books, and more on a monthly subscription program.


Your January 2014 subscription offering includes:

“Building Leadership Through Daily Discipline” by Corbin Roush, Presidential Black Diamond Executive
Corbin Roush shares proven activities that will not only build your business, but build your confidence as a successful leader. 


“Becoming a Product of the Product” by Mark Macdonald, Fitness and Nutrition Expert
Mark Macdonald explains how you can become a product of the product by living what you teach. Making your health a priority will attract others to you and ultimately grow your business. 


“Taking Ownership of Your Business” by Wayne and Molly Dover, Diamond Executives
Wayne and Molly Dover share important lessons for building a business from the ground up. Assume responsibility for your own growth and you’ll determine the course of action, as well as the outcome. 


“Positioning Yourself to Win” by Frank Soucinek, Black Diamond Executive
Frank Soucinek reveals the secret to success is continually positioning yourself to win. By staying the course and opening your eyes to the possibilities, you’ll move forward with focus. 


Bonus Disc: “The Right Way to Lead” by Mauricio Bellora, President and CEO
Mauricio Bellora outlines the right way to lead in business and in life. By helping others pave their own paths, you’ll define your own, and ultimately build A More Meaningful Life. 
Book of the Month: Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter
Our Iceberg Is Melting is based on pioneering work that shows how the 8-Step Process for Leading Change can succeed in creating needed change in any sort of group. This delightfully told fable illuminates in an unforgettable way how to manage the necessary change that surrounds us all.


Includes 4 CDs

Basic Plus
Basic subscription items plus TouchPoint

Includes Basic subscription items, plus: Bonus disc and book of the month

Premium Plus
Includes Premium subscription items, plus TouchPoint

Click here to learn more about this monthly subscription program tailored for your personal enrichment and professional success.

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