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Oct 1, 2012

Is Your Business Resting On the 7 Pillars of MVP?—A Message from Randy Schroeder

Recently, Tara Vare Schroeder-Kiesel and I met with a friend and industry peer that I have not spoken with for years. The time we spent together caused me to become aware of my gratitude for my involvement in this great industry. Truly, we are involved in a process that grows people.

We each have an opportunity to become more and to help others become more. Along the way, the possibility of creating financial wealth to accompany our ever-expanding worldview becomes more readily available as we grow.

I mentioned to my friend that I will conclude my career in MonaVie. We spoke of all the industry has offered to us. I want you to have the same type of successes with which I have been blessed. Specifically, I desire that each of you who are willing will employ all of the resources of MVP to accomplish your greatest goals.

What are the pillars upon which MVP rests?

1. The creation of an empowering community. All of humanity yearns to be a part of something greater than himself. This first and most important pillar of MVP is an outcome of the successful implementation of pillars 2–7 in your business.

2. Tools. Only when a participating member has learned how to be a “tour guide,” allowing a tool to do the talking, is he or she able to begin the process of separating oneself from the generation of income. This raises the question, do tools work? No! Tools do not work; but, people properly trained in the use of tools can accomplish far greater tasks than people lifting the weight with their own strength. The next pillar, then, is...

3. the proper use of the tools.

4. Motivation is the next pillar. We must each find a new willingness to do today that which we were not willing to do yesterday. This is required if we seek to enjoy a greater and lasting outcome than has been our pattern to date.

5. Inspiration. Do you really believe that you are uniquely and perfectly positioned to succeed in this endeavor and in life? An inspired individual so believes.

6. A calendar of events. Do you understand the “ladder of escalation”? You must.

7. Financial literacy. Making money and having money are not the same things. I here offer you a bit of fact seldom discussed: your income will never be secure based upon the size of your check. Your income will likewise never become secure based upon the size of the checks in your organization. Our incomes become secure only when the people in our business stop spending more than they earn. Your income stability is determined by the financial wellness of the participants in your organization.

I have here described the 7 Pillars of MVP. Is your business resting securely upon all 7 pillars? Make it so!

Then, you can have it ALL!


Randy Schroeder
President of North America & Europe,

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