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Sep 17, 2013

How Will You Enjoy Your Rest and Balance?

With more than 13 product options in the Virtual Office to choose from, enjoying Rest and Balance in your life has never been easier—or more rewarding! Whether you’re looking to add new MonaVie Rest and MonaVie Balance to your own nutrition regimen or you’re ready to take that next step in becoming more serious about your home business, we’ve got the price-to-PV options that are just right for you.

Take a look around in your Virtual Office, and begin enjoying Rest and Balance your way!


Watch MonaVie Rest video with Dr. Shawn Talbott.
Watch MonaVie Balance video with Dr. Shawn Talbott.

MonaVie Rest  Standard  AutoShip  PV
1 Case MonaVie Rest (24 cans)  US$71 US$68 50
2 Cases MonaVie Rest (48 cans)    US$142  US$135  100
4 Cases MonaVie Rest (96 cans) US$268   US$255  200
Night and Day Kit (1 Case Rest + Much More) US$261 US$249 200
Jr. Exec. Kit (12 Cans Rest + Much More)      US$524  US$499  200
Sr. Exec. Kit (2 Cases Rest + Much More)    US$1,049 US$999 400
MonaVie Balance Standard AutoShip PV
1 Box MonaVie Balance (28 capsules)  US$62 US$59 50
2 Boxes MonaVie Balance (56 capsules)  US$121 US$115 100
4 Boxes MonaVie Balance (112 capsules)  US$231 US$220  200
Night and Day Kit (1 Box Balance + Much More) US$261  US$249  200
Jump Start Kit (1 Box Balance + Much More)  US$314 US$299 200
Jr. Exec. Kit (1 Box Balance + Much More) US$524   US$499  200
Sr. Exec. Kit (5 Boxes Balance + Much More) US$1,049  US$999 400
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