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Jan 22, 2014

How Many Hat Trick Tickets Have You Earned?

Thousands upon thousands of distributors from every corner of earth are hard at work earning tickets into the MonaVie Hat Trick Promotion.

To date, more than 90,000 total tickets have been earned!

By the numbers
In North America, the number of distributors who have earned tickets since week 1 has nearly quadrupled! And, 96% of those participating have earned multiple tickets into the promotion.

What’s more, the first Hat Trick car winner is also from North America. Congratulations to Bronze Executive Cody Van Camp from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for winning the first car. Cody is now carefully deciding what car—valued at US$50,000—he wants to get!  Don’t forget, we will hold a second car drawing at the very end of the promotion.

Build and earn your tickets
The tickets and car are really a symbol of the successful steps distributors are taking to share all that MonaVie has to offer with others. It’s now time for you to catch up!

Earn tickets for the drawing in the following ways:

  • Personal Enrolment Volume. Earn one (1) ticket for every 500 PV in sales from your new and personally enrolled distributors.
  • Rank Advancement. Earn tickets for advancing in rank, as follows: Star = 1 ticket; Star 250* = 2 tickets; Star 500 = 3 tickets; and so on, up through the ranks.

Every ticket you earn gets you closer to winning a weekly prize or the ultimate MonaVie Hat Trick trip of a lifetime to Brazil that includes:

  • Watching a live World Cup soccer game.
  • Visiting the MORE Project in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Embarking on an Amazon adventure!

There are a variety of ways to earn tickets so that any distributor—no matter their rank or how long they’ve been in the business—can qualify and win!

Click here for complete Hat Trick Promotion details.

* For markets that do not have the rank of Star 250, or other ranks, the ticket allotment would be adjusted accordingly. For example, since the Star 250 rank does not exist in the United States, the rank of Star 500 would earn two tickets.

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