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Jun 6, 2013

Help Provide Relief for Oklahoma by Donating from Your Virtual Office

Our hearts have been wrenched as we’ve witnessed together the damage to lives and property in the wake of the recent devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma.

As so many have lost so much, we acted swiftly to provide temporary relief by donating 2,000 MonaVie (M)mūn shots, 25 cases of MonaVie EMV, and 25 cases of MonaVie EMV Lite to the victims who are lacking many essential nutritional needs. That’s what we’ve done in the short term. We know the road to recovery will be long, and it won’t be easy to complete; and so, we have pledged to do more for the people in this region of the country. With your help, we can all band together to provide additional, longer lasting relief for Oklahoma.

How can I help?
The next time you log into your Virtual Office to place an order, you’ll notice three new “Oklahoma Relief” SKU items:*

  • One for MonaVie EMV
  • One for RVL Nutrition Protein Bars
  • And, one for a simple $5 cash donation


When you purchase any of these items, the product will be donated directly to the victims in Oklahoma, while the cash donations will go to the MORE Project to go toward the direct support of those affected by this tragedy. You’ll also receive the PV associated with the product you buy.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the MonaVie family over the years it’s that we don’t hesitate to lend a hand, especially during particularly trying and tragic times. We appreciate your eagerness to make a difference and are proud to partner with you in creating A More Meaningful Life for our friends and neighbors in Oklahoma.  

* Tax write-off forms from the MORE Project will be provided for each item purchased.


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