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Dec 16, 2013

Congratulations, Renee and Paul Taylor, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winners!

Congratulations to Renee and Paul Taylor from Meriden, Connecticut, on earning a brand new jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“We made a list of people to contact who we thought would want to have better health or wealth. We told them we had an awesome opportunity and that we wanted to share it with them. Our success is also directly related to staying in constant contact with our upline leaders.

“Be excited about your opportunity to be healthier and to have your own business. Treat it like a business. Put in 100% plus effort. Listen to the CDs, read books, and follow your leaders. Go to the events. Cheer for others as they are successful, and you will be uplifted also.

“We are driving our jeep everywhere! We wave, beep, and smile. We look forward to giving rides to friends and relatives who were skeptical.”

Dec 16, 2013

Congratulations, Nicole and Glenn Johnson, MonaVie 4x4 Program Winners!

Congratulations to Nicole and Glenn Johnson from Niantic, Connecticut, on earning a brand new jeep through the MonaVie 4x4 Program! Here’s what they had to say about their accomplishment…

“We recognize MonaVie as a business and treat it as such with intention, so we follow the system and get people started properly. Increase your belief in and clarity of your dream daily because we all act in alliance with our beliefs. Where the mind is, the body will eventually end up. Our plan is to create a caravan of successful distributors.”

Dec 16, 2013

Go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup by Doing What Comes Naturally—Sharing MonaVie!

Whether you root for Team USA, Team Brazil, Team Mexico, or any others, MonaVie is going to get you to the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

More than one million tickets have been requested for one of the world’s most popular sporting tournaments, but you won’t have to pay top dollar to go. All you have to do is do what you do best:

Share MonaVie!

Dec 16, 2013

Finish Off Your Holiday Shopping by Sending a MonaVie Holiday Gift Pack

With just a couple weeks left to shop for the holidays, why not give something a little more meaningful?

MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs are the perfect way to share what you love with the ones you love and also open doors to new opportunities to those who are looking. Give the gift of MonaVie this holiday season!



Dec 13, 2013

January 2014 Winners Advance Speaker Info.—See Who’s Coming!

The MonaVie Winners Advance meetings in Atlanta and Las Vegas are right around the corner, and we are excited to announce the corporate speakers coming to these events!

Don’t miss MonaVie Vice President of North America Katy Holt-Larsen,Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald, and Peak Performance Coach Rex Crain, as they provide the winning tools that’ll help you advance professionally and personally in 2014.

Winners unite; winners advance! Prepare to win by registering for one of these events today!

Dec 9, 2013

Download the MonaVie Survive the Holidays Guide and Save 10%

The holidays can be an exciting and magical time of year. But, work and family obligations combined with endless shopping, traffic, and bills can leave many feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to unhealthy food choices, weight gain, and fatigue.

This year, nurture yourself and others and still enjoy the season’s time-honored traditions. By following the simple tips found in our Survive the Holidays Guide, you’ll not only survive the holidays, but you’ll be on your way to living A More Meaningful Life!™

Dec 3, 2013

Pin + Win Contest: I’m A MonaVie Chef

The holidays are here, so that means it’s time for our 2nd Annual MonaVie Pin + Win Contest on Pinterest.

What’s fueling the inspiration for this “meeting of great MonaVie Pinning Minds”? It’s none other than our talented team members down in Brazil who recently held a very successful cooking contest. (You can check out all of their gorgeous and mouthwatering entries here.)

So, we thought it would be fun to have a friendly culinary competition to show our Brazilian friends who has better skills in the kitchen with our I’m A MonaVie Chef contest.

Dec 3, 2013

Two MonaVie Distributors Will Win a Free Car. You Could Be One of Them!

Personally enroll a new MonaVie distributor on a first order of 500 PV; win a $50,000 car.

Rank advance; win a $50,000 car.

Get the picture?

Dec 2, 2013

Tonight’s Org. Call—How to Finish Out 2013, What’s Coming in 2014, and Mark Macdonald’s 28-Day Plan to Getting You Healthy

Listen in on tonight’s North America Organizational Call to learn about all the end-of-year business building promotions that MonaVie has put in place to make sure the year ends with you hitting your goals and setting yourself up for ultimate success in the New Year.

You’ll also get new information on our upcoming Winners Advance Meetings in Las Vegas and Atlanta, as well as the skinny on MonaVie’s Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald’s 28-Day Jump Start program that’ll have you revealing your best self in 2014.


Dec 2, 2013

Ready, Set, Win! Register for the Las Vegas Winners Advance Meetings Today

Las Vegas is the place where winners go to cash in on their good fortune. And, there’s no luckier position to be in than as a MonaVie distributor poised to create more meaningful lives in 2014!

Surround yourself with winners like you at the Las Vegas Winners Advance Meetings, January 17–18, 2014, and collaborate with likeminded entrepreneurs with the skills and know-how to take control of their health and financial destinies. Winners unite; winners advance! Register for the meeting today, and prepare to win in 2014!

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