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Nov 16, 2009

Coming Soon—Holiday Gift Packs with MonaVie Active, MonaVie Pulse, and MonaVie EMV!

MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs* are coming soon!

Perfect for friends and family, gift packs are a great way to introduce others to MonaVie.

Each Holiday Gift Pack comes custom wrapped with a special gift card that offers free shipping to your new AutoShip enrollees. You'll also receive the following options:

•  A signature MonaVie shot glass
•  The Premier Acai Blend brochure
•  Customizable "To" and "From" email greeting†

Be sure to check as well as your inbox in the coming days for the official release of MonaVie Holiday Gift Packs!

* Available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada while supplies last.
† Only orders placed through your Virtual Office allow for email greeting customization.

Nov 16, 2009

Become a MonaVie Facebook Fan and Twitter Follower!

Become part of the social media platform.

Here are just a few of the things in store for you when you become a MonaVie Facebook fan and Twitter follower:

•  Notifications of the most recent news and updates from MonaVie corporate
•  Live and real-time updates at MonaVie events
•  Ability to post comments, view videos and pictures of MonaVie events, as well as learn about products and campaigns
•  Exclusive "Facebook and Twitter only" offers and discounts on MonaVie Mall items
•  Exclusive "Facebook and Twitter only" contests and promotions
•  Interaction with other MonaVie distributors

For more information on how to use Facebook and Twitter, read Blog MV hosted by Chief Blogger Shante Schroeder.

Nov 16, 2009

October International Rank Advancements

As MonaVie continues to expand one country at a time, distributors around the globe are expanding the opportunity one person at a time.

From Canada to Japan and to our newest markets in the U.K. and Poland, distributors around the world of MonaVie are gaining momentum, advancing in the ranks, and experiencing amazing success by building relationships and sharing our premier product.

MonaVie would like to recognize and congratulate the following international distributors for advancing to the rank of Ruby Executive or above during the month of October:

Hawaiian Blue Diamond Executives

Grant Ferguson and Maria Carreon—Mexico

Blue Diamond Executives

Marcelo Serakides and Luiz Henrique Soares—Brazil
Gail Boone—Canada
Simon Brookes—United Kingdom

Emerald Executives

Hong Bin Ke—Australia
Adi Orpaz—Israel
Sher Mohamad—Singapore

Ruby Executives

Antonio Galvao Ferreira—Brazil
Rodrigo Seixas Palmieri Rodrigues—Brazil
Tammy Rail—Canada
Thomas LaForme—Canada
Teruhisa Miyoshi—Japan
Jose Guadalupe Covarrubias—Mexico
Azenet and Alejandro Moreno—Mexico
Artur Rdzonek—Poland
Matt Hammond—United Kingdom

Nov 15, 2009

MonaVie Cannondale’s Alex Grant Top American Finisher in Costa Rica

[Costa Rica] – November 14, 2009 – MonaVie Cannondale placed three of the top-10 finishers at the recently concluded La Ruta de los Conquistadores on Saturday, November 14, in Costa Rica.

Alex Grant took second overall, earning him the honor of being the highest placing American in the race. The last time an American finished that high at La Ruta was seven years ago when MonaVie Cannondale’s own Tinker Juarez also placed second. Following closely behind Grant were teammates Jeremiah Bishop and Ben Sonntag who finished in seventh and ninth place, respectively. MonaVie Cannondale cyclist Bart Gillespie took 14th place, while Bryan Alders placed 28th overall.

Considered by many to be the most difficult multi-day race in mountain biking, La Ruta de los Conquistadores takes racers across the treacherous mountains of Costa Rica and through several lavish rain forests, passing majestic active volcanoes and roaring rivers along the way.

View the photo gallery.

For more information, visit

Nov 9, 2009

Follow MonaVie on Facebook, Twitter, and Blog MV!

MonaVie social media is live!

Social media is all about being part of the conversation. And, online social networking helps you remain a part of the conversation with your existing social networks, as well as with new social networks.

Here's how you can be part of the MonaVie conversation:

  • Follow MonaVie on Twitter.
  • Become a fan of MonaVie on Facebook.
  • Read Blog MV, hosted by Chief Blogger Shante Schroeder.

Now you can receive updates, access to special promotions and contests, behind-the-scenes information, and helpful hints on how to apply social media in your MonaVie business.

Check us out today, and check back often!

Nov 9, 2009

Bong Yong Na Named General Manager of MonaVie South Korea

MonaVie is pleased to welcome Bong Yong Na as the newest member of our international team and as General Manager of MonaVie South Korea.

Having played an instrumental role in opening the doors for direct selling companies to the Korean marketplace, Bong Yong (B.Y.) has successfully served as a senior executive for a billion-dollar direct selling company in the last decade. He brings a total of 19 years of experience in the direct sales industry to MonaVie.

With a personal motivation for excellence, B.Y. has held a variety of management positions in his career, while remaining deeply involved in other arenas.

In addition to his role as general manager of MonaVie Korea, B.Y. currently serves as director of the Korea Direct Selling Association and chairman of the Direct Selling committee at the Korean Distribution Association. B.Y. has a master’s degree in information technology and is the current chairman for the Executive MBA program at Seoul National University.

As MonaVie moves forward with plans to launch business operations in South Korea, we are excited and privileged to work with B.Y. In my personal interactions with B.Y., I've found him to be very knowledgeable and highly respected among his peers in the industry.

Doug Allen
Vice President of Asia Pacific Region, MonaVie

Nov 3, 2009

November Organizational Call Replay

If you missed the Organizational Call for November, click here to listen to the latest happenings in the world of MonaVie.

This exciting call features MonaVie Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen and the following MonaVie distributor leaders:

• Dan and Maranda Williams, Hawaiian Blue Diamond Executives
• Simon Brookes, Blue Diamond Executive
• Gail Boone, Blue Diamond Executive

Also, to view our Organizational Call archive, click "Live and Replay Calls" under the "communications" link on

Oct 30, 2009

"Cascading Payment" Feature Added to AutoShip Program

MonaVie Autoship Program
MonaVie is pleased to announce a new enhancement to the AutoShip program—"cascading payment" capability.*

With this new feature, you now have the option to add additional credit cards or payment methods to your AutoShip account as a backup to those occasional, unanticipated moments when your primary payment method does not process. This will ensure successful fulfillment of your AutoShip orders every time.

How to manage the "cascading payment" feature:

• Access your Virtual Office.
• Click "Manage AutoShip" (left-hand navigation).
• Click "Add Payment Method."
• Enter your additional payment method information.
• Click "Save."

You can enter a maximum of three unique payment methods. Also, be sure to use the "up" and "down" arrows to the left of each payment method in order to specify which sequence you prefer to have your listed payment methods used.

MonaVie Commissions and the "cascading payment" feature
For those markets where MonaVie Commissions is offered, we are thrilled to add the option to list MonaVie Commissions as a primary or backup payment method in your AutoShip account. This allows you to use the funds in your MonaVie Commissions account to pay for your AutoShip orders, thus avoiding the extra time and expense of transferring funds to your personal bank account and then using those funds to purchase products.

We strongly encourage all distributors who have access to MonaVie Commissions to select this option as your primary AutoShip payment method, as we believe this will result in significant cost and time savings. (Please note that if you select MonaVie Commissions as your primary payment method, you will need to select a minimum of one credit card as a secondary payment method. MonaVie meets all PCI compliance requirements, and therefore, any credit card information you provide is strictly confidential and secure.)

Ensure your AutoShip orders arrive as expected by taking advantage of this new feature today!

Oct 29, 2009

September and October Winners of the MonaVie EMV YouTube Promotion

MonaVie congratulates the winners of the MonaVie EMV YouTube Promotion for the months of September and October!

September Winners

    •    Millo Aldea—1st Place
    •    Kiki Tolias—2nd Place
    •    Gayle Larson—3rd Place

October Winners

    •    Shawn Beckham—1st Place
    •    Shawn Beckham—2nd Place
    •    Michael Didyk—3rd Place

Millo Aldea and Shawn Beckham each receive 12 cases of MonaVie EMV; Kiki Tolias and Shawn Beckham (who submitted more than one video) each receive six cases of MonaVie EMV; and, Gayle Larson and Michael Didyk each receive three cases of MonaVie EMV.

All five winners are also eligible for the promotion’s grand prize—the MonaVie EMV Smart Car! There’s still plenty of time for you to participate in the MonaVie EMV YouTube Promotion.

Click here for complete details.

Oct 29, 2009

MonaVie "First Time Order Promotion," October 31, 2009–January 1, 2010

Building a MonaVie business requires strong leadership, and MonaVie wants to recognize you for personally sponsoring new distributors or signing up new preferred customers in your organization through our First Time Order Promotion.

Through this promotion, you can earn up to two free custom-made MonaVie watches (valued at over US$350 each).

The promotion runs from October 31, 2009, to January 1, 2010. Once you qualify for the free watch, you will receive a letter from MonaVie congratulating you on your achievement and allowing you to choose between a men’s or women’s watch.

Here’s how to win:

  • When your personally sponsored distributors or preferred customers sign up for AutoShip* and the combined initial order volume of the new enrollees totals 1,000 PV, you earn one watch.
  • If you earn an extra 500 PV by continuing to personally sponsor distributors or preferred customers that sign up for AutoShip for a combined initial order volume of 1,500 PV, you earn a second watch.

The beautiful and limited edition stainless steel watch is perfect for representing MonaVie around the world. The timepiece is available in men’s or women’s styles and features:

  • Swiss movements
  • Crystal face
  • Stunning dial
  • MonaVie brand
  • Interlocking stainless steel band
  • Rectangular case

Start building your business today and earn a MonaVie watch before the clock expires on "First Time Order Challenge."

* In accordance with British law, a distributor in the United Kingdom cannot purchase or commit to purchase more than £200 of product in the first 7 days of enrolment neither can they enroll in the AutoShip program within the first 7 days of enrollment. As such, the qualification requirements for U.K. distributors are as follows: U.K. distributors qualify when their personally enrolled distributors or preferred customers sign up for AutoShip at least 7 days after their enrollment, but no later than 21 days after their enrollment. The volume requirements are the same as outlined above with all combined orders up 21 days after initial enrollment as a distributor.

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