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Nov 8, 2010

First Week of MonaVie RVL Pre-Launch Exceeds Highest Expectations!

MonaVie is pleased to report a record demand for MonaVie RVL during our first week of the pre-launch period! We thank you for the incredible enthusiasm that has been generated nationwide surrounding the MonaVie RVL Premier Weight Solution.

In fact, sales have been so much higher than expected that we do expect shipping to take longer than normal on MonaVie RVL orders. This overwhelming demand is a true testament to your efforts in sharing these products and sponsoring new enrollees to MonaVie each day. Thanks to your commitment, countless many will soon discover their best selves as well as the MonaVie opportunity for the first time!

Remember, complete details on how to use the MonaVie RVL weight management system can be found at You can also download MonaVie RVL Product Information Pages from the Document Library of the Virtual Office.

As we get deeper into the months of November and December, please keep in mind that this is only a pre-launch and preparations have been made with the knowledge that we’d be operating with limited quantities and generic packaging during this time.

Once again, thank you for your participation in the MonaVie RVL pre-launch. As always, stay tuned to for the latest news and information.

Nov 8, 2010

Black Diamond Spotlight—Tae Yoan Kim and Wal-Soon Lee

Congratulations to Tae Yoan Kim and Wal-Soon Lee from Daegu, Korea, for reaching the rank of Black Diamond Executive and for becoming the first Black Diamonds in Korea! Here is what they had to say on reaching this amazing milestone…

“Our first goal in MonaVie was to reach Black Diamond and our supportive and trustful members within our organization—Dream Group—passionately encouraged us to reach this goal. Before joining MonaVie, Tae Yoan spent a lot of time travelling for public relations. He took advantage of this time to make connections and learn from leading distributors. Tae Yoan immediately noticed the genuineness of the MonaVie business and noticed that MonaVie had the right business model to achieve success.

“We love that most of the executives at MonaVie have plenty of experience in the direct selling industry, and this certainly adds to the company’s credibility. With the MonaVie Five Star Opportunity and the company’s great achievements, we can focus our energies on building the business; moreover, we can help members of our organization and those who we meet build great confidence in MonaVie.

“In addition, MonaVie products enable distributors to achieve great success. Though we have gathered great wealth in the past, MonaVie, overwhelmingly, is better than anything else we have experienced, especially if you clearly understand the company’s vision. We can confidently say that MonaVie’s products make us free from the pressures of financial hardship.

“We respect the proverb, ‘Seeing is believing.’ We remember visiting MonaVie headquarters with distributor leaders to attend a business opportunity meeting. Since that time, we have dreamed about growing with MonaVie. The vision of MonaVie motivates us to share the product and opportunity. This conviction is strengthen whenever we met Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen. We will continue to go forth and expand the MonaVie business in order to help maximize the opportunity for all the Dream Group family members and to contribute to the field of network marketing in Korea.

“Our journey in MonaVie has been meaningful. We have achieved lots of recognition since starting. Most of all, receiving the MonaVie Black Diamond pin has turned the green light on and we are motivated to achieve more wealth. We particularly appreciate being able to be great role models to our children. This business is definitely positive for their education. We are happy to be a MonaVie Black Diamond Executive and to have children who are proud of us.”

Nov 2, 2010

MonaVie RVL Pre-Launch Has Begun!

The MonaVie RVL pre-launch is finally here!  While supplies last, you can get your hands on the following MonaVie RVL products before they officially launch in the U.S. and Canada:

Item No. Item Price PV
1117010101 1 Tub RVL Nutrition Shake Mix
(28 servings)
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements
(56 servings)
US$137 100
1160280101 1 Tub RVL Nutrition Shake Mix
(28 servings)
US$82 50
We’ve got a new website dedicated to the MonaVie RVL pre-launch. Here, you’ll find distributors’ successful weight loss stories, updates in the Dallin vs. Jeff competition, and information on the products. Visit now!

Watch Reveal Your Best Self Video on MonaVie TV
Click here
to watch an exclusive MonaVie RVL video, now being featured on MonaVie TV.

Be among the first to experience these great tasting weight management products by participating in the pre-launch!*

* Available in the U.S. only.

Nov 2, 2010

I Believe In You!

Dear MonaVie,

As you know, Jeff Graham and I are having a personal contest to see who can lose 29 pounds by January when we officially launch RVL. I am happy to report that I have officially said goodbye to the 190s! I began my MonaVie RVL challenge with the goal of reaching 169 pounds, and I’m thrilled with my progress so far!

This past week and more particularly when I was handing out Halloween candy to the trick-or-treaters, I sniffed the Snickers bars but didn’t taste one! In fact, so far I’ve been able to go without cheating by having a candy bar or ice cream or anything like that. Oh shoot, I forgot: I did have one cookie on a Delta flight to Utah. It was a gingerbread cookie, and I caved in! But that’s the worst I’ve cheated, and it’s only happened once so I am giving myself an “A” so far. Hey, after running/jogging 20–24 miles each week, I definitely think I deserve an “A.”

Now, I wouldn’t be honest if I told you this is all easy. For me, the hardest part that I’m dealing with is that some of the days my body isn’t very happy with this new found nutritionally balanced diet. And, my patience has been pretty short. (Not that I’ve ever been accused of being the most patient person in the world.)

This week I’m traveling, and I know it’s more challenging as I travel. But, I’m preparing for it and taking my shakes, snack bars, and dietary supplements. So, I’m visualizing a successful week of travel with my Bullet Mixer (I love the Bullet Mixer), my MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix, Snack Bars, and Dietary Supplements along with sensible dinners (I try to have a salad with some protein on it and a bowl of black bean soup). This is a lifestyle change for me, and it will be for you too if you really want it bad enough.

Again, I’m doing this for my wife and kids and for me. I’m putting my health first for once. I know how hard it is. I have empathy for all who will join me on this journey, and I’m trying to be a good example. That’s a lot of pressure on me, but sometimes we need to step out of our box and declare our intentions in order to be completely accountable.

I believe in you! And, I believe now more than ever that MonaVie provides a way for a healthier, More Meaningful Life!

—Dallin Larsen,
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, MonaVie

Nov 1, 2010

8 Things You Should Know about the MonaVie RVL Pre-Launch

Reaching your weight-loss goals with the MonaVie RVL weight management system is nearly within grasp! Before the pre-launch begins on Tuesday, November 2, at 7 p.m. (Mountain Time), please take a minute to review the following 8 things you should know:

1. The pre-launch begins at 7 p.m. (Mountain Time), Tuesday, November 2 (U.S. only).
You will not be able to place your pre-launch orders first thing in the morning. MonaVie RVL will be available for U.S. distributors to purchase in their Virtual Offices beginning at 7 p.m. (Mountain Time).

2. MonaVie RVL will be available for purchase to Canada distributors by Monday, November 29.
Products in our category are reviewed and approved by Health Canada prior to launch. MonaVie RVL is currently under active review. While we anticipate that the review will not be completed by November 2, it will be completed by Monday, November 29.

3. MonaVie RVL will be available for purchase to Puerto Rico distributors on Saturday, November 6.
MonaVie RVL product is available for pickup in the Puerto Rico Pickup Center as of Friday, November 12.

4. MonaVie RVL products will be available for pickup at local U.S. MonaVie distribution centers on Wednesday, November 3.

5. The following product offering will be available for purchase to U.S. distributors beginning Tuesday, November 2:

Item Price PV
1 Tub RVL Nutrition Shake Mix (28 servings)
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements (56 servings)
US$137 100
1 Tub RVL Nutrition Shake Mix (28 servings) US$82 50


The following product offerings will be available for purchase to both U.S. and Canada distributors beginning Monday, November 29:

Item Price PV
1 Tub RVL Nutrition Shake Mix (28 servings)
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements (56 servings)
Item Price PV
2 Tubs RVL Nutrition Shake Mix (56 servings)
1 Bottle RVL Dietary Supplements (56 servings)
1 Box RVL Nutrition Snack Bars (15 bars, 30 servings)
Item Price PV
2 Boxes RVL Nutrition Snack Bars (30 bars, 60 servings) US$69
Item Price PV
1 Box RVL Nutrition Snack Bars (15 bars, 30 servings) US$37

Please note that there will be no refunds/returns during the pre-launch period.

6. Each distributorship will be able to order up to 400 PV of MonaVie RVL in November and another 400 PV in December.
We want to get these amazing products in the hands of as many of our distributors as possible. Given the great demand for MonaVie RVL, and to ensure that all MonaVie distributors have the ability to place an order, we will limit orders made during November and December.

7. To purchase MonaVie RVL during the pre-launch period, you must be Active (as defined by the MonaVie Compensation Plan) with at least 100 PV.
If you’re not already Active with at least 100 PV, simply place an online order of your favorite MonaVie juice blend or MonaVie EMV at 100 PV or more at least two hours prior to the time you order MonaVie RVL. You can also become Active and place an order of MonaVie RVL any time during the pre-launch period by calling MonaVie Support at 1-866-217-8455.

8. The containers of MonaVie RVL you receive during November and December are not yet designed with our marketing logos, colors, and product positioning text, as this is only a pre-launch.
Our fully designed product packaging will be available in January when we fully launch MonaVie RVL.

Oct 31, 2010

RVL Pre-Launch City Meeting Tour Begins November 6!

MonaVie is hitting the road on a 6-city tour during the pre-launch of our weight management products! Be the first to learn firsthand about the best weight management system in the world from Founder and Vice Chairman Henry Marsh, Senior Vice President Jeff Graham, and the "RVL All-Stars" who are using the products during the pre-launch.

Click on one of the cities below for complete details on each meeting! To purchase tickets for only US$10, access your Virtual Office, and click on Place a Personal Order. (Tickets bought at the door the day of the event will be US$15.) The first 100 tickets purchased at each event will get priority seating.

San Juan, Puerto Rico—11/6
Dallas, Texas—11/8
Houston, Texas—11/9
San Jose, California—11/16
San Diego, California—11/17
Des Moines, Iowa—11/30

Oct 30, 2010

Get the Facts on the MonaVie RVL Pre-Launch on the November Organizational Call Replay

Click here if you missed the North America Organizational Call for November, or if you'd just like to listen to it again!

Founder, Chairman, and CEO Dallin A. Larsen made a surprise visit on the call to discuss all things MonaVie RVL. Also on the call were:

• Senior Vice President Jeff Graham
• MonaVie Scientific Advisory Board President Bernie Landes

• Distributors who are currently achieving their weight loss goals with MonaVie RVL

Get ready to Reveal Your Best Self by listening to the November Organization Call replay today!

Oct 28, 2010

MonaVie Mourns the Loss of Korea GM B.Y. Na

Dear MonaVie Family,

It is with a heavy heart we announce the passing of MonaVie Korea General Manager Bong-Yong (B.Y.) Na, a man whose example and bravery provided us with inspiration, courage, and lessons on how to live a more meaningful life.

On behalf of the MonaVie family and the Executive Management Team, we offer our deepest condolences to B.Y.'s family during this time. When we first met B.Y., we immediately knew that we wanted to be associated with this remarkable man. We felt his heart and his love for his family, who were so precious to him.

In late 2009, B.Y. was diagnosed with cancer. While he tirelessly and courageously fought this disease, he did it without complaining and always had a smile on his face. I'm reminded of his courage and character at the Korea Grand Opening in August 2010, when he stood on stage to deliver a powerful and motivating speech to Korean distributors.

As part of the grand opening celebration, Dallin and I went to lunch with B.Y., his wife, and his son. What a beautiful family! During this visit B.Y. expressed gratitude for MonaVie, and that he wanted to make a difference for the Korean people through MonaVie. He told my brother, "Dallin, I believe MonaVie provides people with a way to live a meaningful life."

His impactful and moving words mean so much to us that we are in the process of changing the MonaVie slogan from "Drink it. Feel it. Share it." to "MonaVie—A More Meaningful Life." We believe that this statement is true for so many, and making this change is a small way of honoring B.Y.

MonaVie will surely miss B.Y., whose highly respected guidance and direction led to the successful launch and growth of MonaVie in Korea. I know that his legacy and life will endure, and may we all keep B.Y.'s memory alive by living more meaningful lives through our relationships with our families, friends, and those whose paths cross our own.


Randy Larsen
Founder and Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific President

Oct 26, 2010

Order up to 800 PV during MonaVie Weight Management Pre-Launch!

The pre-launch period for our MonaVie weight management products begins November 2, and we can’t wait for you to begin making healthy changes to your life with the world’s best weight management system!

We want to get these amazing products in the hands of as many of our distributors as possible. Given the great demand for our weight management products, and to ensure that all MonaVie distributors have the ability to place an order, we will limit orders made during November and December.

Each distributorship will be able to order up to 400 PV of weight management products in November and another 400 PV in December.

Be among the first to experience these great tasting weight management products by participating in the pre-launch!

Oct 25, 2010

MonaVie Congratulates Top Retailers Bonus Earners

Congratulations to the recipients of the Top Retailers Bonus!*

The Top Retailers Bonus rewards distributors who achieve high retail sales (with a minimum of five sales to separate preferred customers) over a four-week period.

Anthony and Sherrie McKnight receive a bonus of 4,000 GBU for having the most volume from Preferred Customer sales.

Among the top four distributors who receive a bonus of 2,000 GBU for having the most volume from Preferred Customer sales are:

• Mark Berry
• Ashley Miller
• Chris and Kinga Wasiak

The following distributors have each earned an equal share of the Top Retailers Bonus pool—a bonus of more than 140 GBU:

Betty Yung
Bryan Gauvin
Kelly Roth
Jaysee Carsen
Christy Graves
Yesmin Rivero
Jean Fusco
Ivanka Toneva
lena Bocher
Gregory Draven
Rhonda Wright
Dariusz Izabela Kuriata
Pamela Lawton and Noel Rugg
Cindy Cousineau
Fidel Yepez Mora
James Hardy
Michelle and Ron Honda
Gurdeep Sethi
Richard Rannis
Charles and Lori Fremstad
Carmen Komish
Ricardo Batista Filho
Helen and John Carter
Nancy and Dave Tessmann
Yann Mathieu
Tammra Cervone
Debbie Penge
Agnieszka PajÄk
Loretta and Alfred Weeden
Jessica Giuffre
Dalma Valentin
Dawn McGee
Alain Le Guelvoud
Jose Egues
Miles Anderson
Terry and Alexis Sweatt
Bud Tleimat
Winston and Gwen Thomas
Paul G Lister III
Robert Berg
Jacob Padgett
Sherrie Clark
Bob Gaudette
Patti King
Robert and Leeann Short
Kiarah Cuthbert
Norma Sandoval
Eric Scanlon
Wendy and Warren Hickey
Gary Waters
Manuela Fritzsch
Doug and Angie Duwa
Sheri Slater
Kay Klyne
Paul Wiggins
Patt Wiess
James Martin
Patricia Rusiecki
Daniel Bills
Charles and Deborah Larner
Eric Wolf
Steven Grote
Michelle Soule
Caine Onofrio
Kayelene Mary Dysart
Fredrick and Roxanne Finke
Danien Feier
Brian and Jane Johnson
Jason and Kelly Kohler
Adrian and Jacie DeLeon
mario hernandez
UP Natural Products LLC
Elaine Heylen
Jimmy St. James
Gabriele Baldwin
Kay and Ivan McLorn
Andre Mulunda
Scott and Tripsie Faerber
Neal Ruffner
Marie Mcaleavey
Wendy Karina Garcia
Gloria Ford
Peter Ardischoll
Trudy and Randy Jorstad
Laurette DeBoer
Marc Bronzetti
Jungran Kim
Sungeun Kim
Yumi Takashima
Grace Hong
Cathy Kim
Sunhwi Kim
James Hwang
Cesar Liang
Elaine Kim
Minjung Kim
Alex Kim
Miyang Kwak
Young Lee
Yonghee Lee
Refugio Ibarra
Diane Lee
Sun Ok
Jonathan Park
Tracy Nguyen
Derek Kim
Angela Park
Brian Kim
Yun Woo
Phuong Hathaway
Ninet Ramirez
Andrew Sulkowski
Clyde and Kandra Moss
Pay It Forward LLC
Rachel Griffin
Michael and Desiree Kraus
Margaret and Trent Thompson
Ruth Nesbitt
Eduardo Romero
Michael and Beth Briggs
Nikki Van Velzer
John Lindsay
Dena Sboto
Sachlich LLC
Jose Oscar and Veronica Coronel
Gabriel Marsh
Javier and Ana Leal
Willie Safford
Joseph and Virginia Schoeb
Lynn Kridler
Joseph Schalk Jr
Leo Wines
Robert Hammer
Walid Bounenni
Dennis and Susan Seymour
Lori Tucker
Bulah Stock
Cynthia Drye
Jason and Gina Koncz
Robert Allen
Leslie Hopp
Tonya Bartys
Jordan Walker
Karissa Pearson
Anthony and Melinda Heykoop
Ben and Myrna Jussila
Trevor and Brenda Most
Michelle Jumper
Judy Tucker
Ronald and Terri Howard
Allan Gainer
Chris Wolfe
Jon Groves
Lance and Julie Vrieze
Jason Tingley
Fadi Hindi
Thomas Holthofer
Justin Corbin
Ron and Susie Light
Richard Jumper
Nancy Cope
Shalinda Szkubiel
Rex West
Larry Burger
Gracie Hines
Victoria Penland
Mike Hackett
Megan Koudelka
Joanne Boyle
Maria Mansour
Vicky Friend
Eric Bryan
Jean Intervallo
Justin Liniger
Jeremy and Anita Windemuller
Edi Deviana
Scott DesMarteaux
Allan Sorg

* The Top Retailers Bonus is awarded to the top retailers worldwide and is not determined by country. Preferred Customer sales to the same shipping address or to the distributor’s shipping address do not qualify. Distributors do not need to be Active or Qualified to earn the Top Retailers Bonus.

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