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Nov 30, 2012

Gavon Barkdull Named MonaVie President of U.S. Latino

MonaVie is pleased to announce that Gavon Barkdull’s role has expanded to include responsibilities over the accelerating U.S. Latino market. Gavon’s new title is President of Latin America and U.S. Latino. In this new role, Gavon will be able to build a common thread between our growing Latin America markets and the U.S. Latino market.

Gavon has served in a variety of leadership roles during his five years with MonaVie, including as President of Latin America, Managing Director of Latin America, and New and Strategic Emerging Market Development Director. Gavon came to MonaVie with 17 years of international development and sales experience opening markets in Africa; Latin America; Southeast Asia; and Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. Gavon earned his MBA from the University of Utah. His pride and joy in life is his wonderful wife, Tanya, and his four children: Parker, Madelyn, Eliza, and Peter. They are his “why” in life.

“The Latino market in the U.S. is full of opportunity! The buying power among U.S. Latinos is now north of $1 trillion per year and continues to rise. The Latino region is growing like no other region worldwide, and we are now ready to grow in the U.S. and succeed just like we have throughout the Latino region! I am thrilled to have this opportunity to expand MonaVie’s presence in the U.S. Latino communities. We look forward to empowering all Latinos and encouraging them to participate in the same system of duplication now established in the Latino region so that all who are actively participating can enjoy A More Meaningful Life and be proud to say, ‘Yo soy MonaVie!’”
—Gavon J. Barkdull, MonaVie President of Latin America and U.S. Latino

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