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May 15, 2012

For One Week Only—Chocolate RVL Single-Serve Packets Promo!

For this week only and while supplies last,* get MonaVie RVL Chocolate Single-Serve Packets for just $55. That’s less than two bucks for an entire meal! Nutrition has never been more affordable!

MonaVie RVL Single-Serve (1 Box)

  • 28 convenient single-serve packets
  • Perfect to pack in your purse or gym bag
  • Delivers a wider array of nutrients than a typical meal in half the calories

This promotion ends Monday, May 21, so log into your Virtual Office and take advantage while you can.

Item No.  Item    Promo Price PV
1117170101 Chocolate RVL Single-Serve Packet $55 ($90/$95)  50
  (1 box, 28 packets)    

* Promotion is available to U.S. distributors only.

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