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Apr 24, 2012

First White Diamond Executives in MonaVie—Conrad and Jill Padilla!

Congratulations to Conrad and Jill Padilla from Corona, California, on achieving the rank of White Diamond Executive. Here’s what they had to say on reaching this impressive milestone…

“Our journey in MonaVie started on June 28, 2007, with a huge ‘why’ we needed this juice and business opportunity. Conrad worked as a stockbroker for 13 years, and then opened up two traditional businesses that we worked side-by-side to build. Our debt from those two businesses was overwhelming. We were miserable and knew something had to change. We had to get in a different vehicle to get different results for our life.  

“We are so thankful that Todd and Angelique Hartog thought of us to go on this journey with them. They didn’t know our situation, and we surely didn’t think our new vehicle would be a bottle of juice! We trusted them because Angelique and Conrad are cousins, and they have always been very successful in business. We thought, ‘What if this works for them, and we don't follow their lead? We will be sick!’ So, we jumped in about a week or so after they shared it with us. They have been instrumental in us achieving White Diamond.

“Our ‘why’ has changed. Now, it is to help others achieve their ‘why.’ We know that it is possible and that God allowed us to go through our challenges so that we are able to relate to people in similar situations. We know what it is like to be time poor and financially strapped. We believe that we have an obligation to help people achieve their goals and dreams. We feel the minute you sponsor one person you give up the right to quit! We are sincerely grateful to our team because without them we would not be White Diamonds. We would love to thank each of them one by one but there are too many to mention. We want to share our success with all of our team and travel the world with them!

“We are babies in this business with no prior experience in community commerce. We love the fact that we have been able to learn from the best. We consider Brig and Lita Hart, Steve and Gina Merritt, and Randy Schroeder our mentors and appreciate the fact that even though they do not benefit from us financially, they have spent time with us to speak into our lives.

“We know that MonaVie was a gift straight from God. There is not a day that goes by that we do not give thanks for the blessings we have. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all of those involved who make MonaVie the company that it is. Everyone from Dallin Larsen to the employees in MonaVie Support make our job of sharing this wonderful opportunity an easy one.

“For all of these things, we are truly grateful!”

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