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Jan 31, 2013

February 2013 MVP Lifelong Learning—Subscribe Today!

MVP Lifelong Learning blends training and motivational topics delivered by experts and key leadership through CDs, books, and more on a monthly subscription program.


Your February 2013 subscription offering includes:

  • "Doing MORE" by Katy Holt-Larsen, MonaVie Vice President of North America
    Listen in as Katy Holt-Larsen, former director of MORE Project and current Vice President of North America, outlines the history of MORE Project and how it has changed lives in the favelas of Brazil with insights from some of the very people being helped.
  • "People Want More Out of Life" by Holly and Corbin Roush, Presidential Black Diamonds
    Broaching the subject of community, Holly and Corbin Roush explore how MonaVie is the answer to what people are looking for. People want more than more money, more things, and more success—they want more community. You can be a part of something bigger than yourself with MonaVie.
  • "The Process Works" MVP Distributor Panel
    Joined by a panel of distributors, Randy Schroeder conducts a presentation about the MVP program. Listen in as your fellow distributors discuss how they ran their businesses before adopting the MVP program and the difference MVP has made in their systems.
  • "Buying into the MonaVie Vision" by Jan Prpich, Black Diamond
    Jan Prpich was reticent to join MonaVie when she was first approached. Doubts about the product, the company, and the industry kept her from going to her first meeting. Eventually, Jan did attend and signed up to be a distributor. From there, she has enjoyed the healthy benefits of MonaVie products and the incredible potential of the MonaVie opportunity.
  • "More Excited than Ever" by Steve and Gina Merritt, Crowne Black Diamonds
    If you're like Gina Merritt, you like the word "free." Well, listen in as Steve and Gina explain how, through MonaVie, not only can you build a business to supplement or replace your income, you can also get your MonaVie products for free! After over six years of sharing MonaVie, the Merritts are even more excited about being a part of this incredible opportunity.
  • Book of the Month: Embrace the Struggle by Zig Ziglar
    In this motivational book, Zig Ziglar continues to be an inspiring example of how to live life fully and with great purpose and his enthusiastic expectation for what is still to come jumps off the pages and into the hearts of those who feel they have nothing left to give, nothing worth living for, and nothing to look forward to. There is life where there is a struggle. Embrace the Struggle with Zig Ziglar and hang on; you're in for the surprise of your life!

Includes 4 CDs

Includes Basic subscription items, plus: Bonus disc and book of the month

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