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Jul 16, 2012

Executive Order Bonus Promotion Winners

Congratulations to the Executive Order Bonus Promotion winners for the week of July 7–13, 2012!


·         Angie Hardison, Emerald Executive

·         Ronald and Denise Antonio, Gold Executive                 

·         Kevin and Michelle McNutt, Bronze Executive

·         Lisa Marie Tucker, Star

·         Jason Hillard, Star 1,000

·         Larry and Corey Jones, Distributor

·         Michelle Oglesbee, Distributor

·         Miriam Reed, Distributor

·         Steve Yochim, Distributor


These are the top distributors who had the most accumulated commissions in Executive Order Bonuses for the paid commission period ending on Friday, July 13. Each promo winner gets a cash bonus. For complete details on how you can earn a cash bonus, click here. Winners are announced every Monday, so check the On the Move Media Center to see if you are a weekly winner.

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