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Aug 27, 2014

Donate $10 & Pay for a Child’s School Supplies at the MORE Project

It’s back to school time for kids…in the favelas.

While kids and college students in the U.S. and Canada are returning to school after a long summer break, the children at the MORE Project are returning to school after taking time off for a winter break.

(Ok. Let’s take 10 seconds for a little world geography lesson. The Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere have opposite seasons. When it’s summer in America, it’s winter in places like Brazil and Australia. When we’re freezing cold during the winter months in America, Brazil is basking in the summer sun.)

Why is education important at the MORE Project?
In case you didn’t know, the MORE Project, founded by MonaVie and funded by MonaVie and distributor donations, operates in five of the favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro where chaos and indecent surroundings reign. To give you a visual, growing up in the favelas entails…

  • Open sewers in your backyard and no running water
  • Little opportunity to properly wash daily
  • Chronic hunger
  • Violence stemming from police actions or gang wars
  • Abuse in the home
  • Having to choose between the offer of sex for money or not eating

The MORE Project instills in each child the assurance that their life is valuable and that they can rise above their surroundings. We provide this optimistic feeling about the future through education.

In the favelas, institutions lack the resources to give young people in the region a sense of enthusiasm about their future. This is where the MORE Project comes in.

Children only go to school for half a day at public schools in Brazil, and the schools don’t serve meals. During the other half of the day, the children in the favelas go to the MORE Project where they attend one of three schools to receive further instructions and are fed.

How can you help?
For just US$10, you can pay for one child’s school supplies for the year at MORE Project. Click below to donate and sponsor a child’s education.


Scroll below to learn more about each of the schools at the MORE Project.


MORE Project Schools



The Crèche provides critical early childhood education and offers safe childcare, which allows mothers and fathers to seek employment.

Key stats:

  • 100+ children ages 0–5
  • 300 meals served daily
  • Supports 2 favelas
  • MonaVie juice served daily
  • 11 full-time teachers and teacher’s aides

Curriculum: Music, art, movement, and pre-literacy, combined with social, physical, and spiritual development.


Believer’s Project—Elementary School

The Believer’s Project is a school enrichment program that offers in-depth teaching on core subjects.

Key stats:

  • 250+ children ages 5–12
  • 2,700 meals served weekly
  • Supports 3 favelas
  • Before and after school program
  • Offered 5 days a week
  • Access to dental care

Curriculum: Portuguese, English, computers, mathematics, moral principles, music, dance, arts, and sports.


Take-Off Program—Teen Education

Focuses on vulnerable teens living in the favelas and enables them to “take off” into a better life. The program is structured in three parts to help address the most immediate needs of the teenager.

Key stats:

  • 150 students ages 12–18
  • 2 meals provided daily
  • Supports 3 favelas
  • Offered 5 days a week
  • Access to dental care

Curriculum: Programs range from providing basic instruction for sociability and school assistance to providing rigorous math and writing support to enable the teens to go to college.


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