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Apr 3, 2012

Discover Randy Schroeder’s Vision for Your Success on the Weekly North America Webcast Replay

Click here if you missed this week’s North America Webcast, or if you’d just like to watch it again! In the session hosted by President of North America and Europe Randy Schroeder,

  • Randy lays out his vision for MonaVie North America, which includes:
    • you becoming more successful, more quickly
    • your income taking on a degree of permanence
    • your success being based upon the widespread successes of others
  • Black Diamond Executive Kathleen Deggelman tells you what to expect at the Black Tie Event in St. Louis.
  • Randy teaches you four simple skills and essential character attributes that will lead to revenue-producing activities.
  • Randy outlines a specific action plan to successfully build toward the 2012 Convention of the Americas in St. Louis.
  • Crowne Black Diamonds Steve and Gina Merritt make a special guest appearance and, much, much more!

As Randy asks multiple times, “How clear is your vision?” Watch the replay today, and find out!

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