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Nov 20, 2013

Dallin and Mauricio Are Joining the MORE World Day of Giving. Are You?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the MORE World Day of Giving, November 30, 2013, a day where we ask distributors around the world to:

  • Give a one-time gift to the MORE Project through their MonaVie Virtual Office.
  • Consider giving ongoing support by contributing through their MonaVie AutoShip order.

Founder and Chairman of the Board Dallin A. Larsen and President and CEO Mauricio Bellora have recorded personal messages to you about what the MORE World Day of Giving means to them and why they’re choosing to give on that special day.


Watch their messages, and then make your own pledge to give on November 30. And, don’t forget…

You don’t have to wait until November 30 to give!
There are several options available in your Virtual Office, from $1 to $100. You can even choose to give more than a one-time gift by giving ongoing support through AutoShip. Visit your Virtual Office now to make a gift.


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