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Mar 5, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Stephanie McCormick

Congratulations to Stephanie McCormick from Kankakee, Illinois, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"I started MonaVie two years ago. As a single mom, I saw this opportunity with big eyes in knowing my 'why.' I wanted this so bad for better options for my seven-year-old, Olivia. I feel like we do this together because she knows the sacrifices I sometimes make in order to build this business. MonaVie has allowed me to go full time now as a career, and I love the time I get with Olivia being able to take her to school and pick her up every single day and never needing childcare.

"It means so much to me that I qualified for the trip. I have been awarded with incentives previously through the Bronze to Emerald promotion, the Ruby Fly-In, and International Convention. It amazes me how much this company continues to give, reward, and recognize us for hard work. It just proves that MonaVie truly does value people. I love this company, and I love what I do!

"Some day-to-day activities that I focus on include a lot of one-on-ones to STP, parties, conference calls, attending all events, reading, listening, and participating by staying plugged into the system and my team.

"My advice to others to qualify for this cruise is to set your goal, write it down where you can see it daily, have a 'why' that will make you cry, and create a dream board of motivators and de-motivators. Maybe even ask your children what their dreams are. When I look at Olivia's dream board, I see her dreams are bigger than mine and I gotta get to work!

"I'm working with my team daily to help present the opportunity, make phone calls, build lists, and define dreams as to why they're doing this. It's so important to know why the person you or your team sponsors want to do this because you can remind them of their dreams if they ever get discouraged.

"My team and I love the new MVP kit! It's a business in a box in its entirety. It's unbelievable how efficient it is for anyone who is brand new to get started without hesitation and feel like the company is holding your hand. It's building more leadership in my team and in me; and, more people are taking initiative to get it done! I love the new MVP!

"What I'm really looking forward to on the cruise is: 1.) Taking my number one with me and rewarding her for a job well-done. She's so amazing at all my presentations and is a very patient seven-year-old. 2.) Learning more from the corporate team and getting to know more people who share the common bond in creating and helping people live A More Meaningful Life."

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