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Mar 5, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Effie Reid

Congratulations to Effie Reid from Belmont, North Carolina, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"My husband, Jack, and I got involved in the MonaVie business in September 2008. He had been battling cancer for 12 years and saw what a great product MonaVie was and decided to drink it instead of wheatgrass. It tastes so much better and has so many more antioxidants than wheatgrass. Jack studied everything long and hard before he got involved, and he knew that this business was going to be huge. He told everyone he met about it, including all of his doctors. He put up a good fight, and one of my favorite memories is him lying in the hospital bed drinking his juice. He went home to be with the Lord three years ago this March, but he left me a great business. My family is so proud of me, and they are my biggest cheerleaders.

"Every day, I thank God for this business and how it has blessed me. I want to bless others with their health and wealth. I believe that God brought this business to me, and I ask for his Godly wisdom on what to do each day. I try to share the juice with someone every day. I believe that consistency is the answer to building a big business. You cannot let your feelings control you. You must take control of them, and keep moving forward no matter how good or bad things look or seem. This only comes when you have enough positive books (my favorite book is the Bible) and people in your life to keep a good attitude. I tell people that they need to see the fire in you before you can light somebody else's fire. Not everyone I talk to gets into the business; but, when they see how serious I am and the success I'm having with it, they come back for a second look.

"I would strongly suggest that you follow the MVP system to get on this trip. The Playbook is a must, and the company has given us a roadmap to use to get to Gold and above. Also, attending all the functions and tastings that you can get to are so important. When I got involved I went to every function I could find within a 300-mile radius and then some. I met the best people in the world who really cared for me and believed in me.

"Blue Diamonds Russ and Melanie Jones took me right under their wings. That is one of the biggest secrets of success in this business—becoming part of a community of positive people who really care about you. I wish I could mention all of their names here because without their belief in me, I would not be where I am today. You have to stay around positive, likeminded people to stay fired up. Life is a journey and a process. You cannot allow yourself to fall into discouragement. Learn from your mistakes, shake the dust off of your feet, and keep moving and looking upward.

"I want more than ever to take a bunch of Golds on the trip with me. I will see who really wants to qualify, and I will go in high gear to do whatever it takes to get them on the cruise. I will work as hard as they work. We all have to get out of our comfort zones and stretch and grow. Forget about yourself; look at other people's needs, and believe that you can do it. Go meet 3–5 new people every day, as Frank Soucinek says. You have to keep a smile on your face and know that God wants your success even more than you do. Faith will move mountains. God Bless you all, and I want all of you on the trip with me.

"So many great stories came back from the last cruise. I am excited about having time to talk one-on-one with people at the corporate level and meet many new friends. I love to have fun, so I am looking forward to a fun trip and learning how to go Diamond and beyond. Thanks, MonaVie, for being in my life."

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