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Mar 5, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Connie McConnell

Congratulations to Connie McConnell from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip has helped to solidify in all of our minds that this company truly is MORE than we had ever imagined it would be. This trip and the time spent working toward it is a culmination of setting goals, following through, and simply believing that it could happen for us. My kids still cannot believe that MonaVie is sending me on such an amazing trip just for sharing health. My day job has some serious competition, as my daughter wanted to call my boss and ask where he is planning to send me! My kids are now pressuring me about advancing to Ruby so they can come to the Ruby Fly-In.

"For me, the simplest yet most often overlooked activity is to believe that this is possible; believe in yourself, your abilities, and the simplicity of this business. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of thinking about 'doing MonaVie' rather than actually doing anything. Chatting with someone at a store, pouring someone a glass of RVL, or following up with a phone call takes significantly less energy than thinking up new and brilliant marketing strategies for your business. The business plan is already in place and is designed for our success, so we don't have to come up with anything else. I know that I have 'thought' myself into exhaustion without speaking to a soul on more than one occasion. This brings me back to belief: if you really believe that this is a viable business, you will talk about it and weave it into your day-to-day activities, and stop stressing about it so much!

"Decide that you'd like to go on this trip. Then, speak this desire out loud to perhaps your active upline. Then, sit down and make a plan. Honestly, that is exactly what I did. I voiced my desire to Kathleen Radu, and she and I worked together to turn this desire into a reality. We took full advantage of the RVL 3-Day Sample Pack promo, which was instrumental to our success!

"Three of my awesome team members (Komal Dodd and Jean and Eddie Lee) advanced to Bronze along the way, which is so wonderful. Those two families will be on this cruise as well! I absolutely love how this kind of business works in that in order for me to succeed, it is imperative that I help others succeed. I have three kids, a very busy life, work part time for two realtors, work as an actor/writer, and I 'do' MonaVie about six hours a week. If I can make this happen in my life, it really is possible for anyone to do the same. We have a great team on Vancouver Island. If you want this, I am absolutely willing to jump in and help you get it.

"I plan to keep connected to the members on my team who want this and to encourage them to stay plugged in: listen to the information I send to them; watch the RVL videos with Mark Macdonald; plug into MVP; attend the RVLution/MonaVie events we carefully plan for their success; and, always ask me for help if they need it. I am willing and thrilled to match efforts with anyone on my team who decides to take on this challenge. Staying connected is key.

"My greatest desire on this cruise is to be sitting on deck and toasting my team/friends who have earned this trip with me. I am also looking forward to meeting and shaking hands with the people who drive this company because, truly, without their vision and integrity, none of this would be possible. Oh, and my daughter wants me to note that I am also greatly looking forward to shopping for something very nice for my beautiful children!"

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