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Mar 12, 2012

Cruise for Gold January 2012: I Was There! "The Relationships…Great Training…and Fun Make the Effort More than Worth It!"

Ken and Allie Murdoch from High Prairie, Alberta, Canada, were there for our inaugural Cruise for Gold in the Bahamas. And, now they've qualified for the next trip to Cozumel! Here's what they had to say about going on the cruise…

"When Allie and I arrived back to snow and cold in Canada from sunny Florida, we knew then that things were different. We weren't tired, frazzled, or cranky. We were happy, refreshed, and looking for more. We knew that the time spent with teammates on the cruise had been special. We include everybody as our teammates because they are!

"From corporate leaders in the U.S., Canada, and internationally to fellow distributors on other teams, everybody we shared time with increased our desire to become better leaders. Both Jeff Graham and Jeff Cohen tell it like it is and are so powerful at what they do. Mark Macdonald is a consistent, strong giver and leader; his time is your time. Just make sure you sign up for the 90-day RVLution! He and the RVL products have been responsible for almost 60 pounds of weight loss for me.

"Cade Napierski, our leader in Canada, made us very proud with his example, his humour, and great advice. It is endless what can be learned when leaders and teammates set such great examples.

"We know we are personally evolving alongside our business. As it streamlines and becomes easier to build and simpler to explain, we get more excited and passionate. On the Cruise for Gold, we met and made friends with all the teams we could. That alone is a huge success for our industry, MVP, and MonaVie. We are qualified for the Cozumel cruise and know there will be more successes from the time onboard.

"The relationships you will develop, the great training you will receive, and the fun you will have makes all the effort more than worth it. See you on the water!"

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