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Feb 9, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Tracey Warren

Congratulations to Tracey Warren from Winfield, British Columbia, Canada, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"I am a single mom, and my four fantastic children are my main reason for building my MonaVie business. My youngest daughter is passionate about the MORE Project, and she has been my biggest cheerleader. As a single mom building the business, I can humbly and honestly say that if I can do this, you can do this!

"I was approached about MonaVie through a phone call from Al Huva. I had briefly met Al once before and after a minute on the phone I thought to myself, 'Oh no! What does he want to sell me?' I even looked over at the doorbell and considered ringing it to get myself off the phone! Reluctantly, I listened to him. My passion has been health and wellness long before it was popular, so I listened when he started to talk about the health benefits. My father died from pancreatic cancer when I was 17, so I had learned about the benefits of proper nutrition and something called antioxidants at a young age. I quickly realized that Al didn't know as much about health as I did, and I grilled him.

"Al kept saying, 'Come to the tasting.' After looking online and seeing some results people were having, I went to the tasting; what happened there was priceless! Al introduced me to his wife, Sherry, and there was a room full of people. We watched a video, and something felt right to me about this. I had my form filled out and was deciding on a password when the person I was with sarcastically suggested 'sucker.' I smiled and said, 'Sucker it is then!' Upon rushing away, Sherry looked me in the eyes and asked me if I was looking for an opportunity. I kindly smiled and said, 'I'm glad this is working for you, but I am only interested in the health benefits.'

"Because I was somewhat skeptical, I stopped taking everything else that I took from the health food store. Within days, I had fantastic results! It was natural for me to tell people about this! I called Sherry and asked her how my friends could get some. She suggested bringing them to the next tasting, which I did. Suddenly, 'Sucker' was making some money! I was so excited on the mornings when the 'You've got money!' emails started to arrive! I was telling everyone with so much excitement, but no one I worked with got it. They still work there and are still complaining about the same things.

"Steve Merritt has been great with coming up to Canada roughly every six weeks since it all began here. Thank you, Steve and Gina! Throughout my journey, I have had to suck it up, put on a happy face, and help the team despite whatever I was going through. This included a divorce, life trials, and cancer.

"The one thing that sets MonaVie apart from other companies is that there is not just one thing that sets us apart! MonaVie is top of the charts in every area: The product stands alone, the compensation plan is fantastic, and the culture of MonaVie is something I am equally proud of! The way that the compensation plan is set up, we all help each other. We are all so excited when someone advances in rank, and we cheer everyone on.

"MonaVie has enabled me to be with my children through health issues and even be able to receive a steady income when I was dealing with cancer. Last year, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had one option: remove my kidney immediately. My MonaVie team and friends rallied around me. People I don't even know were praying for me! Teammates drove me four hours to and from Vancouver where I had surgery.

"While recovering I was grateful every single day for my MonaVie income and for the phone call that Al made to my home! We do not know what is next in life. Because I said 'yes' to MonaVie, I was able to be home with my kids and recover knowing that there was income coming in! I hope no one has to go through what I went through to realize and appreciate this, but it is simply wise to set yourself up for whatever lies ahead in your future. When encouraging my teammates and friends I always say, 'You don't know what you have inside you!' Now, I mean it in more ways than one!

"Life will happen. Do not quit! Do not quit on yourself, your family, your goals, or your team. Just do not quit. Link arms with those around you who say 'yes,' and run with them! Life can bring you down sometimes, but your attitude, choices, and perseverance is what will get you Gold! Adopt the attitude of tenacity, and wear it like a glove. Help others, and have fun doing it! Never be down or negative. Be a broken record of encouragement, and believe it yourself!

"As a single person building this business, I realize that there are many other singles who are building as well as married people building without total support yet from their spouses. Again, my message is do not quit! As soon as you think you need support or encouragement, pick up a positive supportive book. Team up with teammates and get to the functions. Make the effort to go without a few things to achieve your goals. Write your goals down where you will see them.

"Initially, the best thing I did was to assess my time schedule and decide that I would go to two or three tastings a week. I soon realized that people are people and they will cancel on you. The best thing I did was go with or without them. The first time people cancelled on me and I had no one to take to a tasting party, I almost stayed home; but, instead I changed my commitment by deciding to go with or without people so that I could learn more. Obviously, I wanted to take guests with me; but, I realized that I would learn regardless. I thought it would be too easy to cave when others did, and I did not want to be that person. My sponsors were great leaders by setting examples of this attitude as well.

"Al Huva had only met me once through someone else when he called to invite me to a tasting party. That tells me that I do not have to be best friends with the people I invite. The friendships can develop later. You can invite and share the opportunity with acquaintances or people you recently met. You are probably a better judge of character than you realize! At the tasting, Sherry spoke to me about the opportunity. I had been looking for an opportunity, but I had no idea it would be this. MonaVie fulfills me by allowing me to help people in so many ways. That is so rewarding all on its own!

"I will never miss an AutoShip payment. I stayed on AutoShip despite many hardships and trials that I went through. I recognized that the day job would not bring freedom, and none of my friends and family were handing me a solution. Instead, through my own life issues, I was offering something to them! I am grateful for the Merritts calling the Huvas three times before Al and Sherry said 'yes.' I am grateful for Al making the call to my house and the phone being handed over to me! I am grateful I said 'yes' to the opportunity.

"Thank you, MonaVie, for the Cruise for Gold promotion! As soon as I heard about it, I thought 'Wow, what if?' and decided that this was it! Enough is enough, and I started speaking it! I started to rally up teammates. Do the actions of pouring the product, sharing the opportunity, and then helping them do the same things. I would not be able to qualify without my team rallying together and all of us sharing. Remember this: You probably have not met all your best friends yet, so go share just like someone shared with you! I want with all my heart for everyone to go on the next cruise! I am committed to helping others get this cruise and achieve their personal goals! This opportunity has been laid at our feet, and it is up to us to take the step! Wherever you are, enjoy your journey with MonaVie. I am so excited about the future!"

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