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Feb 9, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Steve and Marla Hart

Congratulations to Steve and Marla Hart from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here's what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

"Our MonaVie journey began in the summer of 2008. After repeated calls from Marla's sister (most of them going to voicemail), we finally succumbed to her persistence and became distributors. During those early days, we were optimistic about the promise of the product but filled with much skepticism about how to begin our own business. We live in the northwest suburban Chicago area, and our sponsor and upline are in California. We were unsure about how we could be successful with such distance between us.

"As our team began to develop, we found additional MonaVie distributors in our area that we could go to meetings with to learn more about the process and the company. Our California upline found ways to connect with us through phone calls, emails, conferences, and trips to our area. We learned how to introduce the opportunity and to build our business but soon found ourselves at a plateau at Bronze.

"Life took a change as it always does, and during September 2011 Steve was forced into an early retirement. The announcement of the Cruise for Gold further inspired us to renew our focus on MonaVie as being our answer to our future. With the assistance of our upline, we became more aware that we had an advantage we were not fully leveraging—our strengths. As Marla went to work each day, Steve learned to be an extension of both of us. We changed how we communicated and supported each other, and we were in constant communication with our up-line. We had to keep the belief in our heart and the business in our head.

"Without a doubt, we accomplished our goal because of the dedication and assistance we received from our upline (Byron, Kenny, and Melissa), who got on the phone many times to discuss the activities we needed to complete, helped us really understand the compensation plan, and kept us on task. We grew to better understand that the path to success was not about us; it was about emulating what we were being taught and helping others succeed. We had to keep the faith, share, and teach our team so that they would also become successful. As we go on with our day-to-day lives, it is a little hard to believe we reached the level of success that we have. Reaching the level of Gold Executive after four years of being a MonaVie distributor has given life back into the word 'belief.'

"Reach out to your sponsor or active upline and engage them. Call them with any question you have, and you will receive the guidance you seek. Then, you will become a mentor for others. Reach out and believe. The Cruise for Gold is not the beginning of our journey but an extension of our work. We are Steve and Marla Hart, and we are MonaVie!"

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