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Jul 16, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifier—Tina Williams


Congratulations to Tina Williams from Scottsdale, Arizona, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what she had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“I’ve spent nine years searching for success and have come to learn the one key I was lacking to obtain it, and that was commitment. Though I’ve heard this told to me many times before, it was by mentors that had not made their own commitments. And, so I was following in the wrong footsteps. I recently took a step back and reevaluated my life and the decisions I have made, looking at so many companies out there. None of them come close to what MonaVie has to offer. Not a single one has the track record that MonaVie has. And, most importantly, none has the integrity and leadership.

“As Onyx Coale says, ‘Once you decide, it will happen.’ I made a decision, and that decision was to take this all the way until the end, come rain or shine. It’s absolutely mind blowing what happens in your life once you make a firm decision, not only out loud, but in your heart. I’m beyond fortunate to have such an incredible upline, friend, and mentor in Onyx Coale, an amazing team of individuals who see the vision, and my husband who is not only my soul mate and my rock, but also my biggest supporter.

“I believe in what I’m doing 100 percent. I’m passionate and excited about what I do. The people around me see that, and that alone has been my best seller. The cruise is just my first step along the way. My husband and I are beyond excited to go on this cruise with our three-year-old son, and I’m looking forward to meeting all the other new Golds and hearing their own stories and tips. Thank you, MonaVie!”


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