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Jul 23, 2012

Cruise for Gold Qualifiers—Kenny and Rebecca Billman

Congratulations to Kenny and Rebecca Billman from Shelley, Idaho, on qualifying for the Cruise for Gold trip! Here’s what they had to say about qualifying for the cruise…

“When we were introduced to MonaVie a couple of years ago, we told each other that we would not be associated with a juice product and we would not sell it. You can’t sell a product if you don’t believe in the product. After a couple of months, we were happy and pleased to see the health benefits of MonaVie taking effect in our son. MonaVie has changed his life forever! As believers now, we are set to be a part of MonaVie forever.

“The products are proven and backed by science; but, what has impressed us the most is MonaVie as a company. The MonaVie family has shown us so many wonderful things that have changed our lives. We love and appreciate the people we’ve met, the long-term friendships we’ve created, and the positive attitudes people have shown us. Most of all, we are so amazed at how people love to help each other succeed and reach their goals. The people we associate with make us better people. Our actions have shown our children to do the same.  

“As Dallin A. Larsen has said, ‘When you are blessed, you better become a blessing.’ This has become our family motto. We are on a five-year plan to reach our absolute goal with MonaVie, and we are on the right path to reaching it! We are so thankful and blessed that MonaVie came into our lives when it did for our son and for our families’ future.”

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